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Man with down syndrome celebrating his first ever paycheck will melt your heart

His mother said that Joe Sullivan was overjoyed after learning that he had been hired to work at the cafe.

Man with down syndrome celebrating his first ever paycheck will melt your heart
Image Source: Facebook/Bitty & Beau's Coffee

We all entered the workforce while struggling to cover our expenses. It is a completely different experience to work for the first time and an even more profound experience to receive that first paycheck. It begins a long journey of financial independence as we step into the real world for the very first time. Joe Sullivan, from Melrose, Massachusetts, also experienced this joy and his reaction was caught in an adorable video. It went viral all over the internet as people celebrated and cheered for him as he received his first paycheck, per My Modern Met.



This achievement was extra special for Sullivan who was born with Down Syndrome. This genetic disorder causes several intellectual and developmental disabilities hindering individuals from activities that able-bodied people can do easily. So, when Sullivan was hired by Bitty and Beau's Coffee Shop last summer, he was completely overjoyed. He was hired as a "caller" for coffee orders and did a brilliant job. Previously, he visited the coffee shop weekly with his mother, so working there was a dream come true. He was ultimately handed a 'future employee' pin by the business. His mother revealed that he was "smitten" and wanted to work there immediately.

Sullivan started working at the end of July. He has an unusual method of calling clients' orders; instead of announcing their names, he shouts out the playing card that corresponds to each customer's order. It is a considerably smart way for everyone who struggles with communicating. After two weeks, Sullivan earned his first paycheck, and the joy that erupted from him as he accepted it was recorded on video. It was posted on Facebook by Bitty & Beau's Coffee with the caption, "Joe’s on cloud 9 — he got his first paycheck!"

It has more than 81k views and hundreds of comments from people appreciating Sullivan. His mother said, "He wasn’t concerned with how much it was for. He loves going there to work." He saved all his earnings to do holiday shopping for his family. The video shows Sullivan jumping and screaming with joy as he is handed his paycheck. He jumps up and down in excitement as everyone around give him a round of applause. He celebrates this achievement with ultimate joy that also teaches us to appreciate little things in life. 



In addition to the support Sullivan received, people are also coming up to appreciate Bitty and Beau's inclusion policy, as well as their resolve to provide jobs free of discrimination. The business wrote in a Facebook post, "Our employees are trailblazers, paving the way for people with disabilities to be seen as valuable members of society and the workforce. Thank you to everyone who visits our shops and believes in our team." 

Bitty and Beau's is run by Amy and Ben Wright and they term it a human rights campaign masquerading as a coffee business. Lillie, Emma Grace, Beau, and Bitty are their four children and Lilly is autistic, while Bitty and Beau have Down syndrome. Hence, the couple recognizes the struggles people with disabilities face while finding employment. More than 80% of individuals with disabilities are jobless in the United States, however, businesses like these are changing this narrative. 

There are currently 23 Bitty & Beau coffee shops in the United States, and all of them employ people with disabilities. They are changing lives and helping people with developmental and neurological disabilities explore their self-esteem and skills. 

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