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Rapper Diddy hilariously trying to stop daughter from eating food off ground is parents everywhere

Right from Love munching on her snack to Diddy going off about dirt, every bit of this video is relatable to parents everywhere.

Rapper Diddy hilariously trying to stop daughter from eating food off ground is parents everywhere
Cover Image Source: Sean "Diddy" at Combs Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference National Town Hall on September 21, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

When it comes to the crazy and hilarious aspects of parenting, several parents are on the same wavelength. Many go through similar parenthood gaffes that are hysterically wholesome in their own way. Celebrities, too have their amusing parenting moments worth cherishing like every other parent. Rapper and actor Sean John Combs, who also goes by his stage name “Diddy,” recently shared a glimpse of his adorable father-daughter moment with little Love. In a video uploaded on Instagram, he accurately captured the struggles of teaching kids the dos and don'ts. 

Image Source: : Sean Combs is seen arriving at
Image Source: Sean Combs is seen arriving at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on October 30, 2023, in Los Angeles, California| Getty Images| MEGA/GC Images

The 53-year-old rapper, who is a father to seven children, welcomed Love in December 2022 and has dedicated all his time to her since then. His recent video with Love captures the duo at a park where the girl is taking her tiny steps as she walks towards her father, who is holding the camera. As Love makes a running walk with her little feet, Diddy says, “Look at you walking. Look at you. You look like a little person.” His words of encouragement in a subtle and soft baby voice resemble every parent cheering on their children as they grow.

Image Source: Instagram | @diddy
Image Source: Instagram | @diddy

As Love continues to walk and explore the place, she munches on what looks like a piece of fruit. Love begins to pick up the pace of her walk and her little legs cause her to trip slightly. The little girl tumbles halfway and is luckily unhurt. However, like other parents, even Diddy knew the trick. He immediately began laughing and cheering his daughter to ensure she didn’t cry. Ideal parent strategy! The rapper continues to film his daughter, who is now seen trying to pick herself up and get back on her feet. “Get up baby, get up,” Diddy cheers.

Image Source: Instagram | @diddy
Image Source: Instagram | @diddy

“You can do it, you can do it,” the father says adorably, as Love tries to get back up. In the bargain of getting her strength to lift herself, the little girl smashes a bit of the food piece she had in her hand onto the ground. “Oh, you still gonna eat that?” Diddy questions. Without further ado, Love gets back down to pick up the piece of food she dropped and hilariously puts it into her mouth. Diddy’s daddy instincts kick in and he runs over to stop her. “Oh, no, no, spit it,” he says. However, that doesn't work and Love already gobbles up the tiny piece and walks ahead like nobody’s business.

“I guess she’s a tough baby,” Diddy expresses to himself. Again posing a reaction relatable to almost every other parent, the rapper giggles and says, “That’s it, eat the dirty food,” to Love, who, by now, has the other piece of food in her mouth. “Daddy used to eat dirt, how do you like dirt?” Diddy asked his daughter, chuckling away uncontrollably. With hundreds of thousands of views and comments, fans and fellow parents were in awe of Love and totally related to Diddy’s hilarious response. @myway_or_noway_ny said, “Seems like they like it the most when it’s been on the floor or the ground because when you try to take it, they go crazy on you.” @datgurlnicki said, “We all ate dirt and dirty food on the floor/ground when we were little.” @therealkeithbrougham added: "Love how that phone dropped hella quick as she putting that in her mouth...No nooo."

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With late partner and model Kim Porter, who died of pneumonia in 2018, Diddy shared Christian (25) and twins D’Lila and Jesse (16). Also, he adopted Porter’s son Quincy (32). Moreover, with Misa Hylton, a stylist and a fashion designer, he shares a son, Justin (29). With Sarah Chapman, a businesswoman, he shares a daughter, Chance (17). Diddy shares one-year-old daughter Love with Dana Tran, a model, as reported by PEOPLE.

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