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Racist old lady asks Black man to wait till she leaves to rob store: 'Aren't you going to do it?'

The advent of social media has brought the deranged Karens and Chads of the society to forefront

Racist old lady asks Black man to wait till she leaves to rob store: 'Aren't you going to do it?'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/Agustist King

After decades of patiently putting up with the rampant racism plaguing America both pre and post the civil rights movement, Black people are now once again fighting for the end of racial discrimination.

While those in positions of power are being forced to address the grim reality of being a Black person in modern America, videos of glaringly racist incidents across the country continue to go viral on social media almost every single day. Thanks to mobile cameras and the internet, the deranged Karens and Chads of the society are almost immediately brought to light.



The latest in the long line of racist Karens is an elderly white woman featured in a TikTok video taken by a Black man named Agustist King. The video posted online last week begins with King approaching the woman and asking her to repeat what she had just said to him before he turned on the camera. "You said was we gonna do what?" he asks the woman, who rather matter-of-factly responds, "Rob the store."

Apparently, in the book of Karenhood, every Black individual walking into a store is constantly on the lookout for the perfect moment to steal a thing or two.

Image Source: TikTok/Agustist King

"You asked us was we gonna rob the store?" King asks again, clearly incredulous that a random white woman would immediately think "robbers" at the sight of a Black man.

Utterly unperplexed by the words coming out of her mouth, the woman confirms that she did just ask him that. At this point King asks her to explain why she would jump to that conclusion. "Aren’t you going to do it now?" she responds. As baffling as her laidback approach to racism is, what's truly incredulous about the incident is her explanation for why she even asked King the question in the first place.

Image Source: TikTok/Agustist King

"I just wanted you to wait until I got my stuff," Aunt Karen rambles as though commenting on why she prefers pancakes over waffles.

The video of the incident quickly went viral on TikTok with many users commenting on how the woman's age is no excuse for her behavior.

IDC how old she is she a RACIST & I would have put her in her place‼️You don't get no passes from me that’s why they keep this up, wrote user Rain Hobbs.

Another user, JustWhitney commented: It's literally that ingrained and brainwashed into them that it's just normal. Please save the kids stuck in racist homes.


Meanwhile, there were also a lot of TikTokers who advocated for the woman in the video on account of just how "cute" and "adorable" she is.

Maybe y’all should get to know some old people. They sit home and watch TV and all they have been fed is riots and looting. You cannot blame them, commented Little Debbie.

User Ag wrote: Poor old lady was concerned about people looting and she asked nicely to wait till she’s done with her shopping before y’all start that BS.





As old as she might be, being racist is never okay—a fact that many TikTokers were quick to remind the ones gushing over sweet Aunt Karen. You'd think by now—after a gazillion videos of white people being racist, they'd know not to be a**holes to others. Alas, this is far from an ideal world and we can only hope for a not-so-distant future where a Black person is truly treated as an equal.

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