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Quick-thinking 8-year-old saves great-grandmother after she got stuck under the car

The second-grader acted quickly after she realized that her great-grandmother was in trouble. 'Be careful and always follow your heart', she says.

Quick-thinking 8-year-old saves great-grandmother after she got stuck under the car
Image Source: Getty Images/sukanya sitthikongsak

Quick thinking can prove to be lifesaving in tricky situations. An 8-year-old girl from Michigan, Mariah Galloway proved this when her 79-year-old great-grandmother got stuck under a car, two weeks ago. She took quick and correct steps to save her life and is now being applauded for her smartness across the country. Mariah claimed that her great-grandmother Patricia Lynch picked her up from school and drove her to her West Bloomfield home on January 11, something she has done several times before.


Lynch stepped out of the car, a blue Chevy Equinox, once they arrived at Mariah's house while the little girl was still inside. Mariah told Good Morning America, "She thought her car was in park, but it was in reverse. It started moving and she tried to stop it and she fell and the tire [went] over her foot." Mariah was shocked but she knew she had no time to waste to prevent further damage. 

She had seen her family members tackle a moving car and quickly pulled the keys out of the ignition. "I didn't know her foot was under there but I knew she could still get hurt because her body was under there," the 8-year-old said. Mariah immediately left the SUV and hurried to notify her mother, Porchia Lane. As she reached the front door, her scream for aid was captured on the family's Ring doorbell video.


Her mother Lane, recalls the time, "I thought it was a normal drop off and when I opened the door, I still didn't hear her screaming initially. I thought, 'Well, maybe my grandmother was having a hard time pulling up the driveway' because it's a little hill." She added, "As I got closer to the car, that's when I began to hear Mariah scream and I saw my grandmother's shoes in the middle of the driveway. I couldn't even see her yet. So I was just in disbelief." 

Lane stated that she spotted her grandmother parallel to the car and noticed that her grandmother's foot and leg had become stuck under but by that time, Lynch had managed to push herself out from under the car. She said that in the meantime Mariah quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped up Lynch's leg and then, took the ambulance. Mariah stated that she was afraid and anxious when the event occurred. Being able to visit her great-grandmother at Trinity Health Oakland Hospital afterward and seeing that she was alright must have been a huge relief to her. 





Lynch did not suffer any broken bones, all thanks to Mariah's efforts. She had to get stitches and blood infusions for the bruises, blisters and blood loss. The 79-year-old was discharged last week, and Lane said they aim to assist her with the next phase of physical therapy and recuperation. Lane is a proud mother who thinks her little daughter managed the stressful situation much more calmly than she could have. Offering some advice to other parents, she said, "Know that your kids are always paying attention. I really talked to Mariah and instilled in her to just follow her heart and make right decisions."

Mariah also has a similar piece of advice for everyone - "Be careful and always follow your heart.'

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