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Queer teens are using a Jason Derulo song to come out and the reactions are just priceless

The teenagers are pointing to themselves while singing to Jason Derulo's 'Get Ugly' to come out as gay.

Queer teens are using a Jason Derulo song to come out and the reactions are just priceless
Image source: TikTok/ @austyn.mae | @idontvapesostopasking |@alyxandrag38

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 10, 2022. It has since been updated.

When dance and singer Jason Derulo penned "Get Ugly" in 2015, little did he think queer teens would be using it to come out to their friends and family. The track had shot up the charts at the time of its release and became a go-to tune at bar mitzvahs and dorm parties. Coming out to your loved ones can be nerve-wracking and that makes it harder to form coherent sentences as you prepare to have that life-altering conversation. Teens are now using the lyrics from Derulo's "Get Ugly"—This girl straight and this girl not—to do the heavy lifting for them as they come out of the closet. 



Teens often bop to tracks on TikTok, and to many of them in the video, it just felt like another TikTok dance video. They record themselves dancing to the song, pointing to their friend/loved one when the lyrics go "this girl straight" and then back at themselves when the lyrics go "this girl not." This is followed by confused reactions of their loved ones followed by overwhelming love and acceptance, and it's a tonic for the soul. What makes these videos beautiful is the split-second during which they realize what's going on.  



Coming out using Derulo's song has become a trend, enabling more people to come out to their friends and family. The video predominantly features teenagers as they are familiar with the song, which makes it easier for them to grasp what was going on. In one video, a woman's mother is dancing with her daughter but doesn't really get the lyrics and misses out on her daughter coming out. One affirming parent responds with 'duh.' One of the best videos is when two friends use the song to come out to each other at the same time and are confused for a bit before embracing each other. Some of the videos feature sisters and they just warm your heart. 

Here are some of the best reactions we came across:

















You can watch compilations of these coming out videos here:


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