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'Queer Eye' star Jonathan Van Ness just made history as Cosmo UK's first non-woman cover model

Van Ness has already blown us away in a peach ruffled gown by Christian Siriano and Nike kicks. We can't wait to see what waits on the inside!

'Queer Eye' star Jonathan Van Ness just made history as Cosmo UK's first non-woman cover model

Jonathan Van Ness has had quite the whirlwind year. From revealing his HIV positive status to becoming a brand ambassador for nail polish brand Essie, he's been making history, left, right, and center. Now, it seems that he has another milestone in the bag. For the first time in Cosmopolitan UK's 35-year-history, someone who is not a woman will be gracing the cover of the magazine. And which shining celebrity would that be you, ask? None other than Queer Eye star Van Ness. Taking to social media platform Instagram, Van Ness cheekily teased his upcoming cover for those all over the world to enjoy.


On the cover, Van Ness is seen wearing the perfect ensemble for such a monumental cover. Blending together the masculine and the feminine, he is wearing a pastel peach ruffled gown designed by Christian Siriano and a pair of blue and white Nike sneakers paired with some sporty calf-length socks. His gorgeous hair, as always, is styled to fall over his back and frame his oh-so-beautiful face just right. Whoever the talented stylist was for this cover, kudos to you, my dude. Kudos.


The magazine, scheduled for release in January 2020 — because what better way to ring in the New Year, am I right? — headlines Van Ness' cover story with the right amount of cheek. His story's headline reads, "Yep. We did it. You're totally welcome." I'm sorry, but did Van Ness himself write this? Because it sure seems like he did. The Queer Eye phenom wrote on Instagram when he revealed the cover, "My body is ready. First non-female cover star of Cosmopolitan UK in 35 YEARS."


And fans are rightly freaking out. In the comments section, celebrities and regular ol' groupies have gone into an absolute frenzy. Body neutrality activist Jameela Jamil posted, "All the love for this." Gender activist and poet Alok V. Menon added, "Wait, this is so major and so beautiful! Yes." Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy stated, "Omfg! Congrats, babe, this is MAJOR!" Unsurprisingly, everyone is pretty excited. As of now, there's no real information about what his interview is about, but it's sure to be something good. As per to Cosmopolitan UK’s executive editor Amy Grier, Van Ness discussed "Brexit, Bake Off, Binaries, and Bernie Sanders." In addition to this, she simply claimed that the author and hairstylist “did not disappoint in any way.” Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see — but we already know we're going to be blown away.


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