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BBC broadcaster Owain Wyn Evans showered with support after being targeted with homophobic abuse

"They’re just jealous of how fab you are!"

BBC broadcaster Owain Wyn Evans showered with support after being targeted with homophobic abuse
Image Source: Owain Wyn Evans/Instagram

Queer people often face violence and scrutiny at the hands of society on an everyday basis. They have to deal with hate comments, discrimination and prejudice just because they don't conform to the heterosexual standards set up for them. However, hope and support persist in the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. This strength of the community was accurately showcased when Owain Wyn Evans, a BBC weather presenter, shared a homophobic letter he received, reports Pink News.


Evans went viral during the COVID lockdown as he performed the BBC News theme on drums. Recently, he replaced Vanessa Feltz as the host of BBC Radio 2’s early breakfast slot. Even though people rejoiced at the fact of a queer person receiving the recognition they deserve, there were some throwing vials of homophobia and hate against him. Evans rushed to Instagram to post a picture of a handwritten message that had been given to him. It reads, "You raving bloody puff, do you have to be so camp on TV it puts me off my meal! Stay in bloody Wales were you belong."

However, he mentioned that this homophobic message is rare as the "vast majority of letters" he gets are lovely and appreciating. He added in the caption, "But I still find it bizarre that people take time to scrawl stuff like this onto a notepad and send it to me." He had the most accurate response to the message as he posted a photo posing with drums and writing, "Hope this camp pic doesn’t put you off any meals today dahlings!" 


He received an influx of support and love from his fellow broadcasters and fans from around the world. Presenter Carol Vorderman commented on his photo, "What terrible spelling? I wonder if he/she (obviously not they) can spell CYNTAF? or even lululululululul?" Actor Tamzin Outhwaite also weighed in her support, "My darling queen of puffs!!! Do not ever change/tone down or even give these people any mind. You are beautiful, talented and a breath of fresh air in these times. You are my favorite cheese puff." 

Evans also posted this letter on Twitter and received more support from the queer community and allies. Presenter Steve Saul commented, "Why is it that hateful people can’t spell? Sorry, they sent it. They’re just jealous of how fab you are!" Anchor Rich Preston noted, "Their grammar puts me off my meal. Sorry, you received this and hope it doesn’t dent your personality and you’re able to continue being your wonderful self."


A fan of Evans even decided to make up by writing him their own letter, while commenting on the hateful note, "Dear Owain, This is my letter to you. (I apologize I’ve spelled everything correctly)! Please keep being the utterly wonderful, talented, bright ray of sunshine we don’t deserve in our lives but are grateful for nonetheless. Love Most of us xxx." 

These supportive responses display the kind of support and strength that exists between the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. It is beautiful to see Evans handling this hateful letter with grace and people jumping in to support him. 

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