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Psychology student explains why women understand the culture of men better but men fail to do so

Men often say women are complicated and a psychology student breaks down why the male community finds it difficult to understand women properly.

Psychology student explains why women understand the culture of men better but men fail to do so
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie

Women tend to have an easier time understanding certain aspects of masculine personality. On the other hand, there have been several instances where it has been seen that men have a hard time trying to decode the culture of women. This is not applicable to all men and is a general observation as men's expertise in understanding women is quite limited. Izzie, a psychology student who goes on TikTok by @izziebobizziewizzie, is shedding some light on this age-old debate and sharing what she has discovered recently.

Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie
Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie

In her video, Izzie elaborates on the interactions between a man and a woman in a patriarchal society and how it has affected the understanding of both genders about their opposite ones. She starts her video by stitching a video from Khadijah Brandebura - who goes on TikTok by @craycraybrandeburavision. The other creator made a humorous clip posing as a man who looked angrily at his wife for feeding the children their dinner before he was fed.

"I've seen discourse around these videos talking about how women can accurately come up with archetypes for men," Izzie says at the beginning of the video. She also points out that men do not understand the female experience and struggle most of the time and hence, they judge women based on a single archetype. The psychology student refers to something she had read in one of her textbooks and shares that a particular section of feminist theory in the book is simply mindblowing.

Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie
Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie

"Women are considered bicultural, like most marginalized groups, in that not only do they understand the culture they are physically part of, but they also understand (deeply) the culture of the dominant group to survive within that majority culture," she continues. "Women not only understand the culture of fellow women, but they also understand the culture of men because they have to, whereas men do not understand female culture because they don't have to."

Izzie concludes her video by stating how men simply do not find it essential to learn more about women. Moreover, it is "fascinating" to her and it seems that it is fascinating to her viewers as well. Izzie's video garnered over a million views and thousands of comments. Several people in the comment section even pointed out the plight faced by black women and how they have been trying to get this point across for years.

Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie
Image Source: TikTok | @izziebobizziewizzie

@nevergoodenoughformymom made an important pointer and wrote, "That's why Greta Gerwig's accuracy on masculinity in Barbie was so triggering to men. She named things they didn't even know about themselves." @thatmxannie commented, "No one understands the oppressor better than the oppressed. This is why I will forever say women should run the country." @riversfollowme remarked, "Real traditional men wanted the kids, sick and elderly fed first as real protectors and providers. A man who wants to be fed first admits his weakness."

@postwartub quipped, "Yeah, women will consider other men and women, but men are more likely just to consider other men." @lil_zehner added, "But on a side note, as a man, there are things that women are unaware of due to men keeping personal details to themselves to create a persona."

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