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Professor invites gay student for holidays after learning he was rejected by homophobic family

After coming out to his highly religious family, the gay student was told he was not welcome home anymore.

Professor invites gay student for holidays after learning he was rejected by homophobic family
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Coming out to your family can be a daunting task, even more so if you hail from a religious family. One Redditor opened up on facing a similar situation and revealed how a small act of kindness from his professor overwhelmed him. It was the holiday season and Flynn didn't have anywhere to go as his family turned their back on him after he came out. It was then that he got a text message from his professor. Flynn wrote: "I came out to my very religious family a few years back and haven’t been allowed home since." He shared the image of the text message from Professor Jones that read: Hi Flynn, It's Professor Jones. I was informed by a few sources you don't have anywhere to be for the holidays, so I'd like to invite you to our family's New Year's party! Please let me know if you can attend, we would love to have you.

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Flynn was overcome with happiness after he got the text and shared a screenshot of the same on Reddit, writing, "I just got this from one of my professors and had to share it with you guys. I’m 100% going!" He was showered with support from the Reddit community including many parents. Many even extended invitations to their home so he could safe and accepted. One Redditor wrote: "Hey....another mom here extending love and acceptance. I am also a message away. Your parents have no clue what they are missing." Another parent reached out to him on Reddit. "As a parent, I’m really sorry that you can’t have the basic love and support any child deserves to have. It’s great that you have someone in your life like this professor. Wishing you all the best and I hope you have a blast this New Year's!" wrote the parent.



There were no shortages of offers for Flynn as they all invited him to spend the holidays with them. "As a mom, I also want to say that I'm sorry your family failed you this way. The one job they had was to show you love unconditionally and they messed up. If you need a stand-in mom, I'm a message away. Seriously. If you ever need a mom to talk to or miss your own, please send me a message," wrote the woman, before adding, "I have a ton of motherly love to give with zero conditions included and I am here for you. Perks include, but are not limited to: Bad jokes, Socks at Christmas, Embarrassing you in front of your friends with air guitar/piano/drums/bass, Free mom therapy, and advice, Cute bonus siblings, and handmade crochet hats/scarves/washcloths." To which Flynn replied, "You have no idea how thankful I am for this! I actually teared up 😭 you are absolutely amazing thank you!!!!."



One Redditor praised the professor for making him feel welcome. "That’s very sweet of your professor! It’s always sad when acquaintances are more compassionate than the family members who are supposed to love you and give you support." Flynn agreed, saying, "I have honestly never been more thankful for someone."



People were also willing to accept Flynn as family. "Tennessee based supportive older sister here if you ever decide you want a sibling! The offer comes with a free brother in law, two adorable nieces, and a nephew," wrote a kind-hearted soul. Another commented, "Another Tennessee brother in Nashville should you need one. Also includes a fiesty, pregnant redhead for a sister-in-law, The most adorable 2-year-old niece, and 2 bunny rabbits to cuddle with. May 2019 bring you a more supportive family than you know what to do with!

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