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Productivity coach shares 8 reflective questions to ask while setting yourself up for success

We often forget that success comes from confidence in ourselves. These 8 questions will definitely get you right back on track!

Productivity coach shares 8 reflective questions to ask while setting yourself up for success
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @bobbbaaaay

Often in life, we find ourselves confused and lost. There are times when things may be going well, but you feel uneasy or unsure about them. At such points, what seems to help is introspection and understanding where you are in life and what you need to do further. Productivity coach Bobby Hobert–who goes on TikTok by @bobbbaaaay–shares an insightful video and speaks about 8 questions one can ask to become successful in life. He started the video by saying, “I set myself up for success by asking myself these 8 questions every Sunday to reflect.”

Image Source: TikTok/@bobbbaaaay
Image Source: TikTok | @bobbbaaaay

As Hobert went about doing basic chores, he shared the questions we can reflect upon. The first question was, "What is giving or taking energy from my life right now?" This question forces one to ponder what needs to be prioritized and what needs to be eliminated thereby decluttering the mind. The next question was, "What went well last week?" It is crucial to make a note of the things that work for you so you can use them as a catalyst to get closer to your goal. The third question was contrary to the second. It read, "What did not go well last week?" Very often, we’re so tied down with all the happenings of life that we forget to meet ourselves and rejuvenate.

Image Source: TikTok/@bobbbaaaay
Image Source: TikTok | @bobbbaaaay

By comprehending what didn’t go well, you can make room for change and improvise. The fourth question was, "What was something I learned this past week?" followed by the fifth question, “What are my top three priorities for the next week?” The sixth question was, “What is on my schedule next week that I need to remove?” Asking these questions will ensure that you add more productivity to what you’re doing and are not losing time doing something you don't love. The seventh question was an important one. It read, “What day or days do I have dedicated for my personal time?” With the hectic lifestyle, we forget to take time off, leaving us out of touch with ourselves. This question can help incorporate a more ideal sense of communication about you and your needs.

Image Source: TikTok/@bobbbaaaay
Image Source: TikTok | @bobbbaaaay

The last question was, “What areas in my life do I need to put more effort into?” It can be work, relationships, working up on a hobby, or anything - the whole point is to take the time and ask yourself these things so you’re not lost and dazzled when things come your way. 

Optimizing your time is possible, but it requires first reflecting on yourself. You must stay intact with yourself before pitching an idea of success. The more stable and updated you are, the better your chances at success. A developmental coach Amy Millie–who goes on TikTok by @itsamymillie–shared tips to avoid negative self-talk and internalize kindness because it really does begin with you.

Image Source: TikTok/@itsamymillie
Image Source: TikTok | @itsamymillie

She explained why it is crucial to be kind to yourself and not solely rely on the same from others. She elaborated, “It makes sense that the only way we feel we can motivate ourselves is to torment and berate ourselves. A shift happens when we realize we have the power to take our agency back when we choose to nurture relationships built on reciprocity, support, deep trust, compassion and respect. Allowing ourselves to not only love fully but be loved by another provides a wonderful opportunity to change the way we relate to ourselves and others.”

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