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Principal pulls hilariously savage move by calling out a student on social media for skipping class

This kid thought he was being cool by skipping class when he went viral. However, the principal put him back in his place in the most hysterical way.

Principal pulls hilariously savage move by calling out a student on social media for skipping class
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @nieka_richard

When children are told not to fool the adults because they have already seen life before them, it is for a valid reason. Adults, mostly parents and teachers, know the drill and have been part of various shenanigans. They know when a prank is being played and when something is off. Nieka Richard, the principal at a school–who goes by @nieka_richard on Instagram–shared a hilarious and impressive video calling out a student who tried to fool his superior and skip a day at school. She not only shared what a foolish thing it was to do but as a responsible principal, also addressed the wrongdoings of the boy. The video began with a glimpse of another video posted by a student.

Image Source: Instagram| @@nieka_richard
Image Source: Instagram| @nieka_richard

One of the students is seen asking permission to use the bathroom and instead of doing the same, he sneaks out and has the time of his life skipping class. The video captured the boy having snacks and lunch as and when he pleased, loitering around in other areas of the school, going to the ground, hanging out there and doing other activities. As soon as the principal shared glimpses of the video, she addressed the boy. “Hi, Anthony. Are you unaware that your principals also have social media?” the principal said, going full savage on the student. “You know what, I’m not even going to blame you because you’re not the one who posted this, your best friend did,” the principal revealed.

Image Source: Instagram| @nieka_richard
Image Source: Instagram| @nieka_richard

She then mentioned that the video ended up on her “for you” page and she took note of the same. “First of all, pull your pants up. I tell you every day no one wants to see your underwear,” she said. She then reminded the boy how he was supposed to head to the restroom and get right back to class if that’s what he asked permission for. “You went and used someone else’s lunch number. Yeah, you didn’t think I would notice that,” the principal pointed out. She further highlighted how his getting lunch twice unjustly caused another student to go hungry. “That is completely unacceptable,” she said. Lastly, she mentioned she noticed a couple of other things from the video as well.

Image Source: Instagram| @nieka_richard
Image Source: Instagram| @nieka_richard


She noticed the student’s friends using their phones. “So guess what, all three of you will receive a pass to the principal’s office tomorrow,” she said. The naive student who posted the video to seem cool and for fun not only ended up getting his friend in trouble but also got him caught with evidence for multiple strikes and got other classmates caught as well. The principal also called out the professor for not knowing the student was out of class for 30 minutes and called for him to be at the principal’s office too.

Mixed comments were flowing from adults and students. While students still thought it was cool to get caught by the principal in such a manner, adults were glad the kid was ridiculed and called out hilariously. @k.swavex said, “Who snitches on themselves this bad?” @kirk.pirk said, “Got them ‼️ was not expecting this.” @kidkaiju said, “She cooked, damn, that’s tough.”

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