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Pregnant woman fosters injured Mama cat from street, they end up giving birth at same time

Lauren Maners had decided not to foster any animals during her pregnancy but broke her rule after seeing Dove.

Pregnant woman fosters injured Mama cat from street, they end up giving birth at same time
Image source: Instagram/mama.maners

When Lauren Maners saw a pregnant cat injured on the side of the road, she took it to the vet and decided to nurse it back to health. Maners was pregnant herself and felt an instant connection with the white cat, Dove, and they ended up giving birth on the same day and it was a moment to cherish for them. It was always meant to be but it meant Maners break a rule. Maners is an avid animal lover and has fostered many of them but when she got pregnant, Maners made a conscious decision to not foster any animals until she delivered her baby. “I had a long history in fostering and rehabilitating animals, but when I got toward the end of my pregnancy, I decided that it was time to take a break from all of that as the animals I usually fostered/rehabilitated were usually sickly and needed lots of care, which I would not have time for once the baby came,” she told The Dodo



Maners broke her rule to not fostering any animal on the very day she took the decision. Maners and her husband were driving home when they saw an injured cat in an empty parking lot. She asked him to stop and check if the cat was Ok. Soon they realized, the cat was indeed injured but also pregnant. Maners knew she couldn't ignore the cat and drive on. “I knew that she was in bad shape and also felt a sort of connection to her due to us both being very pregnant,” said Maners. She then proceeded to catch the cat by luring her with some leftover food. She then wrapped Dove in her jacket before taking her to the vet. 



When she enquired around to see if Dove was a missing cat and had caretakers, she learned that she had been a stray for most of her life. Dove was treated but Maners knew she couldn't just drop her back onto the streets and decided to foster her. She took her home and helped her settle into their homes. Maners felt like they instantly connected through their pregnancies. They spent a lot of time together as they reached close to the delivery date. “She would follow me around everywhere I went, and loved sitting outside with me in the mornings in our fenced-in area and letting me rub her belly while we ate breakfast together,” said Maners.



When it was time, Maners headed to the hospital and delivered a baby girl, named Kylie. As soon as she returned home, Maners saw that Dove had given birth as well, to six kittens. “They were very possibly born at the same time,” said Maners. She felt it was special that they gave birth at the same time and they watched as Kylie started growing up with the kittens. Maners would take her daughter with her when she went to help feed the kittens and Dove. “The kittens were also very curious about my daughter as well,” said Maners.



After a little more than a month, Maners decided to find new homes for Dove and her kittens. Maners ensured that they were found their forever homes with people who she knew so she could visit them. “Luckily the mother cat went to live with a friend of mine, so I am still able to get updates on her, and several of the babies went to people I know as well, so I have even been able to visit them,” said Maners said. 

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