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Pregnant woman asks if she is wrong for uninviting mom and aunt to her wedding after they mocked her

The bride decided to take matters into her own hands when her mom and aunt hurt her feelings during her wedding dress fitting.

Pregnant woman asks if she is wrong for uninviting mom and aunt to her wedding after they mocked her
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso; Reddit | u/Familiar-Praline-544

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a crucial part of wedding preparations for any bride. To shop for the best wedding dress, brides often go with their trusted friends and family. That is what u/Familiar-Praline-544 had in mind when shopping for her bridal attire. However, the atmosphere soured when her mom and aunt made hurtful comments, prompting her to reconsider the guest list. The 22-year-old bride-to-be turned to the Reddit community to ask for people's opinions on whether she was in the wrong for making a grave decision.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Daniel Moises Magulado
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Daniel Moises Magulado

"I really need to know whether I've turned into a bridezilla if hormones are causing me to be overly sensitive, or if I'm just in the wrong," the post started. Then the bride-to-be mentioned how she is all set to get hitched to her 23-year-old fiance in a few weeks. They have been together since high school. "Since then, we've been taking our time planning our wedding and managed to book a pretty popular venue that we are both excited for. My best friend since middle school, Abby (22F) has designed and made a custom wedding dress for me that looks stunning and I couldn't be happier with it," the post continued.

A few months before she was about to get married, the couple discovered that the bride-to-be was pregnant. "It came as a surprise, but we're both really happy about it. With the wedding already having been planned, however, I'll be showing quite a bit during my wedding. Abby has been working on modifying the dress so I'd still be able to wear it," she mentioned. "Last weekend, I had a fitting for the dress and my mom and aunt accompanied me. After I put on the dress, I was so happy because it looked amazing! It doesn't try to hide my pregnancy belly, but it makes everything look so elegant. My mom and aunt started laughing though, saying I look ridiculous and that it'd be better to postpone the wedding until after I give birth."

Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | lucas mendes
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | lucas mendes

That is when the bride-to-be lost her cool. She realized that postponing her wedding meant they had to wait for at least another year and there was a high chance of being able to book the same popular venue anymore. "I thought I looked beautiful, so their comments hurt me. It hurt Abby as well as she'd been working so hard on the dress," she mentioned. "I told my mom and aunt that they were being incredibly rude and that they were not welcome at my wedding unless they apologized."

But her mom and aunt dismissed her feelings, joking that she was overreacting and needed to learn how to "take a joke." Her mom and aunt claimed that they were trying to make sure she got her perfect wedding dress, which she wouldn't regret later and remarked that it might be her pregnancy hormones that are pushing her to make bad decisions. "I sent them away at that point to finish the fitting without them, but now I'm doubting myself whether I was overreacting," she concluded in her post.

Image Source: Reddit | u/babymargaret
Image Source: Reddit | u/babymargaret

The community took her side and assured her she was not wrong for uninviting her mother and aunt, who had no right to pass the rude remark. u/Realistic-Therapist wrote, "They were way out of line! Expressing yourself assertively as you did and having them leave the fitting was completely appropriate. However, disinviting them from the wedding is likely something you’ll regret in the future. You are under an incredible amount of stress, so it’s very understandable. If it is important enough for them to attend your wedding, they need to apologize. What they said hurt you regardless of their intent and you deserve an apology."

Image Source: Reddit | u/CakePhool
Image Source: Reddit | u/CakePhool

u/BawseGal23 cheered, "Go ahead with the wedding without them. You feel beautiful in the dress that's all that matters. Their presence may cause you to doubt yourself and will keep you on edge just waiting to see what they'd do to embarrass you." u/missiworld commented, "What they said was hurtful, and you are already going through a lot at once. I agree with another poster that it would still be good to invite them to the wedding, but there needs to be a sit down beforehand about how they made you feel." 

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