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Pregnant single mom working 2 jobs to support her baby receives huge help that turns her life around

Tami Forbes was a single mom working two jobs during her pregnancy so that she could cover the bare minimum for her baby.

Pregnant single mom working 2 jobs to support her baby receives huge help that turns her life around
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Tami Forbes

Pregnancy is difficult, each phase brings a different challenge and when you’re alone, it’s frightening. So much can go wrong but yet you have to remain strong because there’s a life growing inside of you. Any help you receive during this period becomes a blessing that you will remember for a lifetime. Your Tango shared an uplifting story about a single pregnant mother whose life turned around after her acquaintance with a stranger. 


The article mentioned that the CNBC show ‘The Profit’ host Marcus Lemonis visited the Key West Lime Pie company for business purposes. The whole idea of the show was to invest in failing and helpless businesses to help them get a kickstart and grow. He came across the company’s store manager, Tami Forbes. She was a single, pregnant woman who had been working to earn for herself and her family. 

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On chatting with her, Lemonis came to understand that Forbes had been working two jobs even during her pregnancy just so she could earn the bare minimum which sometimes wouldn’t even manage to pay her bills. She worked as a store manager at Key West Lemon Pie and as a bartender at night and made only $300 a week. The article also mentioned that she would have to deliver her baby through a c-section due to certain complications and the only worry on her mind was ‘how would the medical bills be paid?’ as she had no medical insurance. “Trying to rebuild a life on a single income in this town was incredibly difficult. I was very frequently picking which bill I could pay,” said Forbes. 


That's when Lemonis decided to do something spectacular. He made his decision and spoke to Forbes. Highlighting the inadequate period of maternity leaves in America he said, “That idea that your family comes first should be more of a mindset in corporations and small businesses and that’s something that I feel has been lost.” Forbes had mentioned that she was worried about her condition given her two working jobs and her maternity leave period. Lemonis proceeded to make one of the most profound investments of his life by investing in Key West Lime Pie. His investment not only built a company but also a future child’s life. 


Lemonis was moved by Forbes’ dedication to making things work and so, in addition to the investment in the company, he took on all her medical expenses and helped with her six months of paid maternity leave. Being an investor at Key West Lime Pie, he went out of his way and was able to grant her a full-time job at the company and a 25% stake there which she could come back to after her baby was born. “This is more important than any pie you have to make," Lemonis said commenting on her pregnancy. Forbes burst into tears feeling the relief of being understood and comforted. 


“When the show came to town, and I was put on it, I was working two jobs. I was humongous and pregnant, suffering both health and horrible financial concerns,” Forbes said. “When Marcus came to me and said, ‘What are you going to do?’ I smiled and said, ‘Whatever I have to do.’ Her determination and persistence moved Lemonis and pushed him to help her. The woman couldn’t be more grateful and all she could express was relief and joy. 


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