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Police officers ask to speak to restaurant worker’s manager after being told 'Black Lives Matter'

The video shows the cops claiming they don't feel safe going to the restaurant anymore after the incident involving the words "Black Lives Matter."

Police officers ask to speak to restaurant worker’s manager after being told 'Black Lives Matter'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/beheardtoday

The flurry of Karen exposé videos that have popped up on the internet in recent weeks has driven home the truth that racism runs very deeply in the country. From your classic "you don't belong here" racists to batshit crazy white supremacists who think they run the country, we've seen almost every type of entitled Karen out there. We've also seen how incredibly problematic the country's police force is. Now, a new video making the rounds of social media shows two "Karen cops" demanding to see a restaurant employee's manager after an incident involving the words "Black Lives Matter."

The video of the incident was first shared on TikTok with the caption "Essential worker on break wearing a 'BLM' face mask is confronted by two officers." The footage shows two white female cops face off against the worker, with one of them asking: "We will not be coming here any longer, so can we speak to your other manager then, too?" The other cop follows up with a "Who’s above you?" and when told that the manager isn't present there, asks for their phone number. When the worker claims to not have the person's phone number on their phone, the cop asks: "So if something happened to the store right now and you had to get a hold of him, how would you do that?"

"We're going to talk to him. Because we don't feel safe coming here anymore," Karen 1 complains while her partner goes over to the store to get the phone number after the employee declines to help them and walks away. The irony of that particular statement wasn't lost on TikTok users, many of whom questioned the women's career choices. You don't feel safe with a gun, stun guns, handcuffs, and the badge?? Imagine how POC feel commented Netty & Cici.


Imagine not feeling safe because someone is advocating for equality and change, wrote Goopity Glop. Wow.... the newest species of 'the Karen'... 'the abuse of power police officer Karen' noted Jamie Ann. This is what happens when you let maniacs with superiority complex have authority, added barbhypehouse while Gorditaginny stated: Good for you standing your ground. You have a right to free speech and their uniform cannot infringe on that." Daniella added: We deal with racist people wearing make America great again hats everywhere but they can’t handle BLM.

According to DailyDot, the restaurant worker who captured the incident wasn't wearing a BLM mask at all, but rather just said "Black Lives Matter" to the cops. A TikTok user alleging to be the worker in the video reportedly explained her side of the story in the comments. The worker claimed the cops were triggered by her saying "Black Lives Matter" to them when they came in to pick up their orders and that she wasn’t wearing a "BLM mask." 

Image Source: TikTok/beheardtoday
Image Source: TikTok/beheardtoday
Image Source: TikTok/beheardtoday


"I said 'thank you, black lives matter,' and he laughed and walked out. Then like an hour later these two officers come looking for me WHILE ON MY BREAK to talk to me about ‘the issue’ ALL BC I TOLD AN OFFICER BLACK LIVES MATTER!" she reportedly commented. The worker also clarified that the restaurant has not taken any action against her and has instead been very supportive. "JUST TO BE CLEAR: I WAS NOT FIRED AND THE COMPANY IS SUPPORT ME,” she added.

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