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Police officer's incredible kindness towards 4-month-old survivor of Hurricane Otis wins praise

The 33-year-old mother-of-one noticed that the four-month-old baby boy who hadn't eaten for an extended period was crying from hunger.

Police officer's incredible kindness towards 4-month-old survivor of Hurricane Otis wins praise
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @PabloVazC

A Mexico City police officer is being praised for her kindness and generosity. As a mother of a one-year-old, Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio could not look away when she spotted a hungry baby in the aftermath of Hurricane Otis. The four-month-old had not eaten in a prolonged period. The officer deployed to Acapulco after the Category 5 storm made landfall on October 25 ended up nursing the infant while on duty in the devastated city, reports Mexico News Daily.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | MART PRODUCTION
Representative Image Source: Pexels | MART PRODUCTION

Her seniors and colleagues were quick to recognize her extraordinary act of compassion. Ambrosio ended up being promoted from "policía primero" to "suboficial." "For her vocation of service to citizens and for exalting the name of the Mexico City Ministry of Citizens Security, my colleague Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio of the Zorros group, who protected the life of a baby in Acapulco, was promoted," Mexico City Security Minister Pablo Vázquez Camacho wrote on X (previously Twitter). "Her work is an example of humanism for everyone."


As for Ambrosio, she said all she did was her job to help someone in need. She downplayed her gesture and said it was insignificant compared to the devastation caused by Otis. "I did very little, we can help more," she said. "If I could, I'd return... to see the baby." She added that it felt "nice" to help a crying, hungry baby. "If something pains us as mothers, it's... [seeing] a baby in these circumstances," she shared.


It is not the first time the story of a policewoman nursing a baby has gone viral. On August 14, 2018, Jaqueline Ayala and her partner, Marcos Heredia, were patrolling at the Children's Hospital of La Plata when they found out that six children between the ages of 9 years old and 6 months old were being separated from their parents due to signs of abandonment and neglect. While escorting the kids, she noticed the 6-month baby would not stop crying and realized why. She quickly decided that she had to step in to help. "Actions like Celeste's fill us with pride and force us to redouble our effort, work and solidarity with our community," The fire department in the city of Berisso, where Ayala volunteers, wrote on Facebook.


The officer from Argentina was seen breastfeeding the malnourished infant and captured in a photo that went viral on social media. One of her colleagues caught the act of kindness and wanted to share it with the world. "I want to make public this great gesture of love that you made today with that baby, who you did not know, but for whom you did not hesitate to act like a mother," said Marcos Heredia, who posted the image to Facebook per CBS News

"Things like that are not seen every day." At the time, Cristian Ritondo, minister of security of the Province of Buenos Aires, promoted Ayala from officer to sergeant days after the photo went viral and praised her for a simple gesture of compassion. "We wanted to thank you in person for that gesture of spontaneous love that managed to calm the baby's cry," he wrote on X.


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