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Police officer surprises young boy with a PS5 after he was reported for doing yard work for money

In Georgia, a heartwarming incident occurred when a young boy offered to do yard work for his neighbors to save up money for a PlayStation.

Police officer surprises young boy with a PS5 after he was reported for doing yard work for money
Cover Image Source: Facebook | City of Hapeville Police

A young boy in Georgia enquired if his neighbors needed any yard work done so that he could save up for his own PlayStation. When the police were called to remove him from the area, the child explained why he was there. In a heartwarming turn of events, the officer decided to fulfill the boy's wish. Officer Colleran was called to a community to remove the boy, Keonte Evans, from the area, according to a Facebook post by the City of Hapeville Police Department.

Colleran, the seven-year veteran of the Hapeville PD, stated that when he spoke with the young man, he explained that he wanted to pull weeds, cut grass and trim hedges in order to earn money to purchase a new PlayStation. 16-year-old Keonte Evans also wanted the money to buy some clothes for his siblings, according to Game Rant.


The City of Hapeville Police wrote on Facebook in a post, "Officer Colleran was dispatched to a call wanting a juvenile removed from the area. Officer Colleran made contact with a young man that explained he was in the area because he wanted to do yard work: pulling weeds, cutting grass and trimming hedges to save up for a PlayStation. The young man was polite, respectful and truthful."

"Officer Colleran, a gamer himself, was impressed with the young man and thought he would help him reach his goal. Officer Colleran and some of his friends were able to not only get this young man the video game system but a gift card to pay for the membership so he could play immediately. Officer Colleran made sure that this young man knew they would play on the same team online soon!"

They also posted a video that showed the young boy's reaction. As soon as the officer opened the car's trunk and saw the play station, he melted and hugged the officer tight. Citizens appreciated the officer's gesture. "So heartwarming! Great job and care. I'll be in touch. I hope I can do something for those great offices. Like lunch on me today," commented @Brian L. Ponder-Esq. "What you just did for that young man is life-changing. The caller should be embarrassed. Keep being an awesome young man! There are plenty of our youth that could learn from your example," praised @Patty Bailey Smith.


People also praised the young boy for wanting to earn his gift by working. "Seeing this in WI and it has filled my “love tank” for the day! First of all, I’m proud of the young man for being proactive and ambitious! I hope whoever placed that complaint feels foolish. If they’re reading this: you should be ashamed of yourself. Thank you to all who helped restore some hope in this young man with your good deed," added @Jer Lynn. In a world where we read a lot about some officers being unjust and racism increasing, this video surely made a difference and brought a smile to not just the boy's face but many others.

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