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Police officer reveals the real reason why cops always touch back of cars they have pulled over

When cops pull people over, they tap the back of their car, but most people don't know why they do that.

Police officer reveals the real reason why cops always touch back of cars they have pulled over
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @csroka

It never hurts to be extra careful in your day-to-day lives, whether you are a regular civilian at your job or a patrolling police officer. Besides that, most of us might have observed cops pulling over cars on the highways, suspecting them for something or simply because they were going over the speed limit. Some cops often touch the boot of the vehicle they are pulling over but for a very specific reason. It's not some sort of friendly gesture but a safety measure instead and officer Craig Sroka–who goes by @csroka on TikTok–is dishing out the actual reason behind this act.

Image Source: TikTok | @csroka
Image Source: TikTok | @csroka

In a video, Sroka addressed the curiosity of his audience, who have no idea why police officers tap the boot of their rides. "You know when I first started, I used to do it all the time, I've got lazy about it," Sroka started, also extending the message to fellow cops out there. "But yes, you should. This is why and I'm sure you already know the reason, but some don't." The reason behind the act is plain and simple. The officer is leaving his mark on the car with his fingerprints.

"So you put your fingerprints on the back of their car so that way, god forbid, if something bad happens, if there's a shootout and the car takes off, somebody gets hurt, whatever may happen during that traffic stop causing that vehicle to take off. That way, you can dust for fingerprints and you dust the back of it and your fingerprints should be on the back of that car," he concludes, adding that through this simple method, it gets a lot easier to identify a vehicle in case it is involved in some form or crime or not. Many people in the comment section were surprised to hear about the actual reason behind cops tapping the back of someone's car when they are pulled over.

Image Source: TikTok | @lucimpurse
Image Source: TikTok | @lucimpurse

@blue0000buttons wrote, "I very much enjoy watching you. I love your energy, the things I learn and of course, the laugh. Thank you for creating content." @amie_bianchini commented, "I always thought it was to make certain the trunk is closed in case someone is going to ambush you. I learn something new every day." @grebecca35 joked, "I need to make sure I keep a microfiber rag and some alcohol rub. I just hate marks on the car." @fr.stock added, "Realistically it would be way too hard to find just your prints. So many hands go on a car all over and the fact it rains, humidity and so much more."

Image Source: TikTok | @csroka
Image Source: TikTok | @csroka

Moreover, it isn't the only video Sroka has made to make his audience aware of some of the lesser-known rules on the road. In another video, he responded to a person questioning if a driver can refuse to walk in a straight line and directly opt for taking the breathalyzer test if they are pulled over on suspicion of being intoxicated. "Can someone go directly for the breathalyzer in this situation? The answer is no," Sroka stated. "So, when you are pulled over, you are asked if you would like to take a standard field sobriety test and you can't just go for the portable breathalyzer machine." The officers also have the authority to arrest a person on scene based on their observation, such as the driver having bloodshot, watery eyes, the way they were driving before they were pulled over and the odor of alcohol coming from the person.

You can follow Craig Sroka (@csroka) on TikTok for more videos on the police force, family, friends and career.

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