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Police release mugshot of K-9 Ice who was accused of stealing an officer's lunch: '100% innocent'

'WPD will consider our Facebook followers' opinions on how to proceed with this investigation,' the department wrote.

Police release mugshot of K-9 Ice who was accused of stealing an officer's lunch: '100% innocent'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Wyandotte Police Department

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2023. It has since been updated.

Dogs are an important part of any police department. They help with investigating cases and are trained to be an active team member. However, they sometimes don't behave like an officer. Wyandotte Police Department - Michigan shared a mugshot of K-9 Ice and they accused him of stealing an officer’s half-eaten lunch in the breakroom during a call to assist in an emergency, as reported by Wate. In the Facebook post put up on January 12, the department wrote, “The incident happened two days ago at the station. Ofc. Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist a person in the WPD jail. He quickly jumped into service, leaving his half-eaten lunch on the table. A short while later Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom only to find Ofc. Ice leisurely strolled out of the room licking his chops. Barwig's entire lunch was gone....disappeared, vanished!”

The department said that Officer Ice “invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and quite frankly is not cooperating with the investigation.” They also mentioned that he has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. There have been several other accusations of him taking food right from co-workers' hands as they walk by.


The post added, “Stealing is not only a crime but it is morally wrong too. Some jobs, like that of being a police officer, require you to take an oath prior to starting. Within the officer's sworn oath is the promise to protect a person's property.” They said that they will consider Facebook followers' opinions. “WPD will consider our Facebook followers' opinions on how to proceed with this investigation.”

Facebook | Wyandotte Police Department

Facebook | Wyandotte Police Department

Many Facebook users said that they needed evidence, if not the case should be dismissed against him. Sheri G'oreo wrote, “Sounds like circumstantial evidence. He does not look guilty so thus must be presumed to be innocent. Damien Jackson commented, “I'll be this officer's attorney pro bono if need be. If the teeth don't fit you must acquit.” Jay E Bird commented, “Clearly innocent until proven guilty without a doubt. Meanwhile, I suggest better snacks.”



Others simply claimed that he was innocent and that no action should be taken against him. Amy Jean wrote, “He's the goodest boy cleaning up after other officers.” Lacy James commented, “100% innocent! How dare you slander his good name!” Amy Basile commented, “Clearly he was protecting ofc Barwig by making sure his lunch was safe! He’s the goodest boy and deserves new chewies and lots of cookies!!”

The Facebook post has gained more than 24,000 reactions and 13,000 shares.


On January 18, the department updated on the final verdict of Officer Ice’s case based on the public’s opinion. They wrote, “Dozens of attorneys have offered to defend Ofc Ice pro-bono! We have been threatened with massive protests if we move forward with our investigation and/or charges. Plus the overall public doesn’t believe he is guilty. No video has been produced. That being said Ofc Ice will not face any internal discipline or criminal charges.”


Moreover, they said that a local supporter, Lunch Wyandotte, dropped him off a custom-made sandwich because they felt like he wasn’t being fed enough.

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