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Plus-size women share what they are told to wear vs. what they planned to wear to the beach

Women took to TikTok to share images of themselves in bikinis and encouraging other women to celebrate their body.

Plus-size women share what they are told to wear vs. what they planned to wear to the beach
Image source: TikTok/@sarahrose329 | Instagram/@lizzobeeating

Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 1, 2021. It has since been updated.

A customary glance through a fashion magazine, ads for clothing lines, and beauty products will tell you who's being celebrated and who's not. Thin, white, abled, and cisgender people have almost always been used to define beauty in pop culture. We've been conditioned to celebrate and accept the 'perfect body' that pop culture and the media have reinforced on us for decades. Some amazing, fat women are here to break stereotypes and change narratives. With summer upon us, they are posting videos encouraging others to wear whatever they want. American singer Lizzo posted a video telling her followers to celebrate themselves and not listen to people constantly telling them they don't have the body for a bikini.  







The word 'fat' is a descriptive term but it has been hijacked and used to shame and stigmatize people who are not thin. The word now has negative connotations and is often used to denote being unhealthy, despite not having any correlation to health. Fat people are now reclaiming the word, fighting the public's perception of beauty, and becoming more comfortable with their own bodies. Women on TikTok are sharing videos wearing what people expected them to wear and what they wanted to wear. The videos are encouraging people to break stereotypes.



"I'm a damn Queen and so are you 👑 put the suit on babe!" Mrs. Bosin captioned the post.
















You can watch Lizzo's video here: