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Plumber fixes the boiler of a terminally ill elderly woman for free: 'No charge for this lady'

He runs a non-profit plumbing company to help out the disabled and elderly people.

Plumber fixes the boiler of a terminally ill elderly woman for free: 'No charge for this lady'
Cover Image Source: (L) Christine Anne Rowlands/Facebook; (R) Russell Howard/Youtube

A little kindness and help can certainly bring a lot of happiness to our lives. It can make us feel that we are cared for and loved by the people around us. Such a selfless act of kindness was carried out by a British plumber who fixed the boiler of a terminally ill woman for free. When James Anderson gave the receipt for fixing the 91-year-old's boiler, it contained a heartwarming message, reports CBS News.


The woman's daughter, Christine Rowlands, shared a photo of Anderson's invoice on Facebook where it quickly went viral. Rowlands stated in the post that her mother's boiler was leaking and needed to be repaired by a plumber. Anderson came by after being notified by Rowlands' sister, rectified the problem, and promised to email the invoice. However, instead of the cost of his services, he wrote on the receipt: "No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible." He noted that the woman has acute leukemia and is receiving end-of-life care.

Anderson has a non-profit plumbing company called DEPHER, which stands for Disabled & Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair. He works on a voluntary basis and does not take any wages for himself. He wants to aid the elderly and others in need with the price of plumbing. He told BBC: "There are too many elderly and disabled people suffering in silence. They don't like asking for help. They don't want to be a burden. We take away the burden, the stigma." 


Anderson believes the company's work "stops [the elderly and disabled people from] getting into debt" and helps them reclaim independence they worry they may lose "if they think they can't afford repair costs." Despite building up debts for such a selfless mindset, James said that he would keep doing it until "the day God calls me." He currently owes "just under £8,000," but the matter is "under control" thanks to arrangements he made with both his bank and his supplier. The company also has a crowdfunding website and does conventional plumbing jobs, he said. "Any money we make goes back into the Depher account," Anderson shared.


According to Anderson, he was forced to lay off two employees due to a shortage of cash. He wants to expand his humanitarian activity outside Burnley, and the publicity generated by the receipt might help with this. "I've got other plumbers... offering help. My hope is to get Depher national, in every city and town," Anderson said. He also spoke about the exact moment he found out his receipt went viral. He explained, "I was at my grandson's christening. I got a couple of likes and cheers on Sunday." 

He has taken calls from as far away as Germany and the United States, as well as from worldwide broadcasters, to discuss his efforts to assist individuals in need. However, he's unwilling to claim all the credit, and called his initiatives "a community effort." He said: "We all do what we can and we all come together as a community. We need to be a human race, to look out for each other."

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