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He was placed in four different homes in three years. Then his foster mom changed his life forever.

Despite his rough childhood, Richard Kyle Ripley couldn't be happier with the way his life turned out, and he owes it all to one special woman.

He was placed in four different homes in three years. Then his foster mom changed his life forever.
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Humans of New York

Richard Kyle Ripley had an incredibly rough start to life. Born into a family struggling with addiction, he and his brother Kevin were placed into foster care at an age when they needed love and nurturing the most. While Kevin was lucky to find a foster family that provided him just that, Richard wasn't as fortunate. For years, he bounced from one abusive household to the next. However, despite everything he went through, Richard couldn't be happier with the way his life turned out. He owes it all to one special woman who went out of her way to pull him up and make the man he is today.


Speaking to Humans of New York, Richard explained: "My brother and I were both placed into foster homes at a young age. He was lucky—he went to a family called the Ripleys. I went through four different homes in three years, and each one was worse than the next. I'd get to see my brother every few months. Ms. Ripley would take us for lunch at McDonald's, and that’s when she first noticed the scars all over my body. She immediately made arrangements for me to join their family. Back then the word 'family' didn't mean much to me."


"But the Ripleys made me feel welcome in their home. Whenever I did something wrong, Ms. Ripley would sit me down and explain why it wasn't OK. But then she'd say: 'You're not going anywhere. Because you belong to us now.' Shortly after I joined the family, Mr. Ripley was diagnosed with cancer. And later that year he passed away. Ms. Ripley's entire world fell apart. They'd been high school sweethearts. And now she was alone with two foster kids. Nobody would have blamed her for taking us back. But instead, she took us to court and made it permanent. The three of us moved into a single-wide trailer in Mississippi, and that's where she raised us," he continued.


Richard fondly reminisced about how despite having very little to get by on, Ms. Ripley made sure she gave her kids the best life possible. "She worked whatever odd jobs she could find. We never had much, but we went to movies. We had family game nights. She kept us busy with little league and Boy Scouts. She must have been super stressed, but that’s not at all what I remember. I just remember the affirmation that she gave me. It was always: 'You're smart.' And 'You're handsome.' And 'You survived all that stuff because you're strong.' She cried when I joined the Marines, but she knew it was my best chance for a college education," he shared.


"And eventually I graduated from law school. Last year I had a daughter of my own. And that really put me into an emotional tailspin. Because I realized how every little choice I make is going to affect her future. And then I started thinking about how different my life could have been. Because my early development had been the opposite of what a child's should be. I should be broken, but I'm not. Because thirty years ago my Mom decided to keep me," he said. "And somehow, despite all her sadness and heartbreak, she poured enough love into me so that I could heal."


Richard's story immediately tugged at people's heartstrings. What a beautiful soul Ms. Ripley is. Not only to recognize you were being abused but to act on it, stay with it, and my favorite words you used "poured enough love into me so that I could heal" you are all that she said but most of all, strong. Good for you to rise above! May love, healing, and strength continue to surround you. Thank you for sharing, commented Facebook user Bliss Roberts. Another user, Serenity Forbes, commented: I hope everyone affected by this story and impressed by the power of the love of a strong parent would consider becoming foster parents. There is a critical shortage in this country, and many children are in free-fall looking for a soft place to land. If you have room in your heart and your home, please consider it.


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