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Pinkberry manager hilariously shuts down entitled woman who demands a refund every week

The video is yet another eye-opener into how badly some people treat those in the service industry.

Pinkberry manager hilariously shuts down entitled woman who demands a refund every week
Cover Image Source: Reddit/whovehearted

While most "Karen" videos leave one wondering what could possibly have gone wrong in their lives to make them so bitter and hateful, a video currently going viral on Reddit yields a rather pleasant sense of satisfaction. Featuring one of the worst Karens imaginable — a Pinkberry Karen — and a manager who appears to have dealt with far too many like her during his time at the store, the video is yet another eye-opener into how badly some people treat those in the service industry. Posted to Reddit's r/PublicFreakout community three days ago, the video caption reveals that the woman in the video had made it a weekly habit to ask for a refund over the same issue.


The 34-seconds-long video, which appears to have been covertly captured by the employee from behind the counter, begins with the lady complaining about the size of her fro-yo. The employee assures her that the dessert is, in fact, a large as per her order. "No, this is a f**king small," the refund-hungry customer adamantly maintains. Even after the employee explains to her that the size is determined by weight and that she has received the correct portion, she continues to press the matter while threatening him in the process.

"You have f**king glasses on, which means you should be able to f**king see," Karen says. "And I want a large, so make this sh*t correctly before I shove it down your damn throat." Having reached the end of his wits with the woman's weekly antics, the employee takes back the fro-yo from her saying: "Here, I got you. I'm sorry." He then proceeds to pull an unprofessional-but-justified move wherein he pulls down his mask and takes a giant bite out of the dessert in front of her.

Karen, of course, isn't happy about the unexpected turn of events and exclaims: "What the f—k is wrong with you?" As his co-worker watches with bewilderment, the employee then yells at the woman to get out of the store. The woman, however, takes on peak-Karen form at that point and demands to see the manager. Unfortunately for her, the fed-up employee informs her that he is the manager. "I am the f**king manager, okay? I need you to get out," he tells her. While a majority of Redditors praised the way the employee dealt with the Karen, many shared their own experiences of dealing with nightmarish customers like the woman in the video.


"Seriously, regular Karens don't threaten violence. she's the next level. I'm a bartender, and I honestly cannot imagine how I'd react to someone threatening me over not preparing their drink to their liking. [To be honest] I would love to have been in this dude's position. When you serve shitty people often enough, you start to fantasize about the moment when someone gives you the opening to react carte blanche like this," wrote u/Kanyes_Vitamix.

"If this is a weekly event this woman is just buying ice cream for the sake of abusing people, it's not about the ice cream," suggested u/Clay_Statue. "Reminds me of working at a pizza place the night before Thanksgiving one year. 10 minutes before close this lady calls in like 5 pizzas. We'd already started cleaning the ovens and made it clear [that] any pizzas were going to look burned on the bottom from the old flour we were scraping out. Sure enough, 20 minutes after she picked them up, she brought them back, screaming how we'd ruined her Thanksgiving dinner and should force whoever cooked the pizzas to eat them," u/the_honeyman recounted. "I chose that moment to stick my head out from around the corner of the prep room with half a slice of this b***h's pizza hanging out of my mouth. She shut the f**k up, took the refund the manager was holding out, and left."

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