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Pink says she's very open with her daughter: 'Willow and I talk about almost everything'

In a recent interview with Drew Barrymore, Pink discussed her upcoming global tour for her latest album and her relationship with her daughter Willow.

Pink says she's very open with her daughter: 'Willow and I talk about almost everything'
Image Source: Youtube/The Drew Barrymore Show

Family is a pivotal part of our lives, providing us with a sense of belonging and support. Our families are often the first relationships we ever have and that's how they influence our personal growth and development. Family can offer emotional support, guidance, love and protection, making them crucial for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Being part of a family also teaches us important life lessons, values and traditions that we usually pass down to future generations. Recently, Pink, the Grammy-winning singer, has opened up about the emotional conversation she had with her daughter, Willow, 11, about missing each other during her upcoming tour, per TODAY.


Pink said, "Willow and I had a really teary conversation" and then paused to address her daughter sitting in the audience and asked, "Is it OK if I talk about you?" After getting her blessing, she turned to Barrymore and continued, "Willow and I had a really teary conversation about this tour because she has needs now." She said that she has always brought her family with her on the road, but as Willow gets older, things may change and Willow may not always be able to join her mother because of things she wants to do at home.


The singer shared, "Willow and I talk about almost everything — we have a great relationship and I told her, I said, ‘I know you have things that you want to do.'" She told her daughter that her singing career holds some importance but that "doesn’t mean that it means more than your childhood, or what you mean to me. 'I’ll walk away tomorrow. If that’s what you want, I’ll walk away tomorrow.'" Pink added, "'But this time, it means that we’re going to have to miss each other a little bit occasionally.' And I’ve never been away from them."


Pink shared that she is promoting her kids to challenge her authority and explore new limits. She said, "I don’t want my kids to think that perfection is a real thing." She joked, "You don’t have to be as wild as we were, please!" Pink continued, "It’s developmentally correct for kids to try stuff. I told Willow the other day, ‘You need to, like, try talking back to me.' And she was like, ‘What?’ And I was like, ‘Well, just try it at home, with me, because I’m going to love you no matter what. You’re such a rule follower. Like, just walk over here and just go 'NO!' and just see what it feels like.’ " 

Although Pink suggested that she and Willow might be separated during some of her upcoming tour performances, she previously announced on TODAY that her son and daughter would be accompanying her on certain tour dates, which commence in the United Kingdom on June 7 and in Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 26. Additionally, Willow will be employed on her mother's tour and will be compensated at the minimum wage rate. Pink said, "We just had to go over minimum wage and it’s different from state to state. I said it’s about $22.50 a show depending how long I go, if I run over." She continued, "She goes, ‘I’ll take $20. it’s easier to do the math.’ I’m like, ‘That’s not how you negotiate for yourself.’ I’m like, ‘You’ll take $25 so it’s easier math.’"

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