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Pink gives daughter important financial lesson by teaching her how to negotiate salary while on tour

Pink is showing her daughter Willow, 11, the importance of responsibility and negotiating her salary.

Pink gives daughter important financial lesson by teaching her how to negotiate salary while on tour
Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Photoby: Theo Wargo

When it comes to teaching young people how to negotiate their pay for a job, Pink is setting a marvelous example for her daughter Willow, 11. Pink is using her upcoming tour as an opportunity to teach her children about responsibility. On Today's episode, she discussed taking her two children, Jameson, 6 and Willow Sage, 11, on her upcoming "Trustfall" tour. She shared that her daughter will be taking on a job while on the road. Also, she will be learning more than just a paycheck. Pink revealed that she is teaching her daughter the importance of negotiating her salary, an invaluable life lesson. She told Willow that her salary is $22.50 a show but that she should negotiate for $25 so math is easier. It shows that Pink is teaching her daughter the importance of taking responsibility for herself.



Pink recently sat down with Zane Lowe for Apple Music and opened up about her experiences growing up and within the music industry and how they impacted her desire to have children. She shared that when she was starting out, many people told her that if she had children right now, her career would be over. Pink felt that it was an idea that there was no more to her than the sides she showed in her music. However, having children softened her to the world and helped her better understand herself and her place in it. She believes that it was then her career truly began, although she had done plenty of work before that.

Pink also shared that the example she sets for her children is important to her. She wants to show them that it is possible to have a successful career and be a good parent as well. She shared that she wants her kids to understand that they can have both and that it is about balancing the two most important things.



Pink is teaching them the importance of responsibility by bringing her children on tour. Having her daughter negotiate her pay is a great example of how Pink is teaching her kids the value of hard work and the importance of taking responsibility. Pink is not only teaching her children valuable life lessons, but she is also setting a good example for parents everywhere. Negotiating your pay is something that everyone must know how to do and Pink is showing her children the importance of standing up for themselves and having a voice.

By introducing her children to the importance of responsibility and standing up for themselves, Pink is showcasing to them that they can do anything if they set their minds to. She is setting up a notable standard of being a strong, independent woman and mother and her children will undoubtedly benefit from the lessons she is teaching them.

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