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Pilot comes to a pregnant woman's aid when she suddenly goes into labor on board

The pilot wins hearts with his swift and timely endeavor that helps save the life of a pregnant woman on board.

Pilot comes to a pregnant woman's aid when she suddenly goes into labor on board
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @drjakarin

People always recommend expecting mothers to take the utmost precaution and care of themselves. Safety becomes even more crucial in the later periods of pregnancy as the chances of going into labor increase significantly. Similarly, many airlines put a lot of precautions on board to ensure that no mishap happens if a pregnant lady is flying with them. VietJet plane is one of those airlines. Their measures came in handy when a woman went into labor in their Taipei, Taiwan, to Bangkok flight, per Sky News. The pilot swerved into action and delivered the baby himself, gaining applause from the internet. He posted about the delivery on Instagram, which has since gone viral.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Leah Newhouse
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Leah Newhouse

Jakarin Sararnrakskul was in mid-flight when his crew came with the news that a female passenger had gone into labor in the toilet. He swiftly gave charge to his co-pilot and rushed to the woman's aid. "I have been a pilot for 18 years. I just helped a newborn baby on the plane," he said in his Instagram post with an image of himself holding the baby. Being a father himself, the experience of welcoming someone else into parenthood was extremely fulfilling. In a follow-up post, he posed with all the crew members who helped him complete the task. The father-of-one also said the crew had given the child a fitting nickname, "Sky Baby."

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The photos show Sararnrakskul with a baby covered in a bit of blood, probably just sometime after the delivery. He had a beaming smile on his face, reflecting the happiness of a job well done. In his interview with Viral Press, he explained how the whole experience was exhilarating. The pilot also thinks it would be a memory of a lifetime for the baby and himself. It is not every day a pilot gets to experience something like this. "He will be able to tell everyone for the rest of his life that he was born in the air," he said of the newborn baby boy. The man was ecstatic that he could play a part in the boy's arrival but hoped that this would remain a unique occurrence.

Image Source: Instagram/@ahmad.bagheri.16547
Image Source: Instagram | @ahmad.bagheri.16547
Image Source: Instagram/@cherrylips74
Image Source: Instagram | @cherrylips74

The comment section was happy that everything ended smoothly. @todebbie_chiang shared how the luck was in the favor of parents and wrote, "How lucky! Unforgettable memory in life." @nocoffee_noproblems gave the baby blessings and commented, "You are so cool! I hope the baby will have a wonderful life."

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A post shared by Jakarin Sararnrakskul (@drjakarin)



In another heartwarming instance, a pilot made Halle Bailey's day with her sweet note. Bailey made black and POC girls elated with her performance in "The Little Mermaid." It was the first time they saw someone looking like them as a Disney princess on such a big scale. While on a flight, she was passed on a note. The note read, "Miss Bailey, it is an honor to have you on board today. Thank you for being an inspiration to little brown girls all over the world, like we were a few years ago." It was signed off as: "Jess O, your young Latina female Delta pilot." The actress posted the note on X (previously Twitter) and shared her feelings. The airline replied to her post by writing, "You're giving so many little girls wings. Thank you for letting us be part of your world," referring to the song first performed by Jodi Benson as the original Ariel.

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