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Young pilot asked air traffic control to pass on heartbreaking message to parents before fatal crash

The 21-year-old pilot passed away in a tragic plane crash. His last message to his parents serves as a reminder to show love to your dear ones.

Young pilot asked air traffic control to pass on heartbreaking message to parents before fatal crash
Cover Image Source: Facebook| Kathleen Valentine

There is no right time to express gratitude to loved ones. In the wait for the right moment, one may miss out on the opportunity to do so, given the bleak realities and surprises of life. WUFT News shared the tragic story of 21-year-old Adrien James Valentine with a message to prioritize and express love to those dear without waiting for the right time. The young pilot passed away on November 14 in Gainesville, Florida doing what he loved to do, flying a plane. But before the unfortunate plane crash, he left a heartwarming message for his parents. Even in his last moments, in the fear, pain and trembling situation he was in, he managed to share a message with the air traffic controllers. The young man was alone in the plane and all he could think of before his final moments was his precious moments with his parents. 

Image Source: Jonas-Gallagher Funeral Home And Cremation Services
Image Source: Jonas-Gallagher Funeral Home And Cremation Services

The fatal crash in a state park south of Gainesville was due to poor weather. The report mentioned that Valentine had contacted air control for help and shortly after, sent them a message to deliver to his parents after presumably understanding that he wouldn’t make it. “I’m losing altitude,” were Valentine’s words as he tried to pave through the bleak visibility due to the weather. “I don’t think I can hold my altitude without descending. How far am I from Gainesville?” the pilot asked. While Valentine was not identified initially, authorities managed to track him as the owner of the plane which the young man had purchased only 2 weeks prior.


The article also mentioned that Valentine was warned about the weather conditions en route. One cannot imagine the fight Valentine faced as a young man with his whole life and career ahead of him. After a few exchanges with the air control department, he left a short yet profound message for his parents saying that he loved them.


Undoubtedly, this is the most painful yet heavy-weighted message his parents will ever receive from him. While the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) said the plane crashed due to “unknown circumstances," authorities have assured a final report and thorough investigation.


Valentine had only completed his aviation in 2021 and was on a journey. His mentor Scott Fryar had shared a post at the beginning of his journey: “Congratulations Adrien Valentine on passing your Private Pilot CheckRide today and becoming a licensed pilot! I have enjoyed mentoring you and am proud that you allowed me to be a part of this endeavor. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of a career in Aviation wherever it may take you.” With deep sorrow, his mentor also posted a tribute on Facebook that read, “You will be sorely missed, my friend. My co-pilot seat will always be open for your soul and I hope you will guide me from above as I guided you in this world. Until we meet again.”


Several people commented on his post, many of whom had witnessed Valentine to be an empathetic and wonderful man. Amy Kerlin Webber said, “I am so sorry and saddened to hear of Adrien’s accident. What a great loss, he was a sweet and kind young man. Many prayers for his family and friends.” Antonio Galan shared, “I met him once, and he was a very understanding and a special young man. He will forever soar with the eagles and angels and will truly be missed.” 



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