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Pet fish turns 'gamer', plays Nintendo switch and uses owner's credit card

YouTube gamer Mutekimaru recently experienced a misadventure when his pet fish used motion-detecting software to access his Nintendo store account.

Pet fish turns 'gamer', plays Nintendo switch and uses owner's credit card
Cover Image Source: Youtube/Mutekimaru

It's not every day that a pet fish can be responsible for a financial loss. But that's what happened to YouTube gamer Mutekimaru. After a live stream event, he found out that his tetra fish not only logged into the Nintendo store but also managed to add 500 yen (about $4) to his account. His fish did the deed through motion-detecting software installed in his fish tank, which had broadcasted to the thousands of viewers watching the stream.



The fish was left unsupervised and then took the opportunity to play the Nintendo Switch, logged into the Nintendo store twice and set up a PayPal account as well. Although they're having fun, the joy also exposed Mutekimaru's credit card details to the viewers. The process led to the event going viral on Twitter, which resulted in a $4 loss for Mutekimaru.



This incident teaches us that with the right software, even the most unlikely of creatures can manage tasks that they shouldn't be able to. Although it's easy to be concerned about the financial loss, Mutekimaru was able to find some humor in the situation. After all, it's not every day that you're able to tell people that your pet fish bought something with your credit card.

The incident also shows us the importance of being careful with the details we share on streaming services. Although nothing like this is likely to happen again, it's still important to remain vigilant about our privacy and the information we put out into the world. It's also a good reminder to make sure that we always keep an eye on our pets, especially if they have access to our financial accounts.

Image Source: Youtube/Mutekimaru
Image Source: Youtube/Mutekimaru


Mutekimaru's misadventure serves as an interesting reminder of how technology and animals can sometimes intersect in unexpected ways. As incredible as it might sound, this story is a reminder of the potential security risks that can arise when using motion-detecting software or other technology without proper supervision. In addition, it's also a reminder of the importance of being mindful of where sensitive information is stored, such as credit card details, especially when it comes to online activities.

These kinds of stories also serve as an alert for the importance of better cyber security systems in place. In order to protect sensitive data, it's crucial for everyone to use strong passwords, regularly update security software and use two-factor authentication wherever possible. Furthermore, it's also important to be aware of how our data is being used, especially for online activities. The process can help to ensure that our private information isn't exposed to unauthorized individuals and that our computer systems are safe and secure.

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