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Personal trainer reveals how Chat GPT can help gym-goers get fit and it's ingenious

Kollins Ezekh, a celebrity personal trainer suggested that fitness doesn't have to be expensive. Chat GPT offers a simpler and more accurate way than those hefty gym memberships and equipment.

Personal trainer reveals how Chat GPT can help gym-goers get fit and it's ingenious
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio, Kollins Ezekh| CNBC Make It

Fitness is a key factor to good health and several people are on the run to find the best workout plans and gyms to get their fitness in place. In the bargain of a fit body, people spend thousands of dollars and go way over their budget. Kollins Ezekh, a fitness trainer for celebrities, shared an interview with CNBC Make It, revealing that fitness need not be so expensive. He explained that with several plans and more available freely, it takes just a little smart effort to get to the road of fitness. “Nowadays, there are so many free resources that we can find. Different plans and workouts,” he said.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Chevanon Photography
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Chevanon Photography

Ezekh, founder of Members Only Boxing and Fitness, also suggested putting the right questions into Chat GPT to get the perfect answer that can work as a fitness routine without getting broke. Ezekh shared how the system can effortlessly work to provide productive results. He shared an example of an entry into Chat GPT. He said, “I can type in ‘I’m a male, 30-something years old, I weigh 200 pounds, and I want my weight to go down by like 10 pounds. What should I do?’ And then AI software is gonna type out a workout plan, which is pretty specific, because you gave them your age, your gender [and] your goal.”


To add to this, the trainer also revealed that the technology is pretty reliable and has provided him with quite a few detailed options, which he has recommended to clients. Ezekh also mentioned that one has the freedom to add their choice of equipment and other facilities as per their availability to get the best fitness plan without shelling out money on extra resources. “The more information you put into ChatGPT, [the] more accurate your workout plan is going to be,” Ezekh said. He also suggested using YouTube, TikTok and other social media and apps to gain references and get an idea of how to go about the same correctly.


The trainer further shared 3 tips to get fit “without breaking the bank.” The first was body weight and going outdoors. Ezekh pointed out that doing high-intensity training is far better in burning calories than using other equipment. Planks, jumping jacks, burpees and so on are great exercises to begin with. He also recommends running, walking and hiking, “which pretty much doesn’t require any equipment at all.” The next tip was to buy staple equipment to make the most with the least. Ezekh suggested dumbbells. “Free weights are good because [they] challenge our full body,” he said.

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Next, he said, “I think jump rope is one of the exercises that are quite simple and pretty enjoyable for people who know how to do that and it burns tons of calories.” Next, he suggested using a yoga mat “so you can do exercises on the floor as well.” Lastly, Ezekh suggested joining a fitness class over a gym for its community ambiance that aids in the fitness process. “When group fitness studios, usually they’re more class-based. So, literally, all you have to do is show up to the class. And then you know the instructor is going to help you with whatever you want to achieve,” the trainer said. He also recommended trying a cheaper gym membership starting at $30-$40 rather than committing to an expensive one.

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