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Person recreates sandwich recipes from the 1970s and the internet is in love with it

Rosalind Waters is a vintage collector and she posts her videos on social media. This time she picked up magazines from 1975.

Person recreates sandwich recipes from the 1970s and the internet is in love with it
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters

We all have our favorite recipes. Sometimes, we take it to social media to discuss them. Recently, it was seen in a TikTok video where the user discussed six sandwich recipes from the 1970s. All these belonged to teenagers. As for the viewers of these series, they are fully invested in seeing the outcome of these recipes. Rosalind Waters (@rosalind.waters) is a vintage collector and a TikTok user whose video became viral as she remade recipes from the January 1975 international "Sandwich Sweepstakes," published in Seventeen magazine. Also, we have seen other vintage contents go viral on her page, such as the pink kitchen in the 1950s and high school photos in the 1960s. As for this video, both history and food lovers are gushing about it.

Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters
Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters


Waters revealed that she purchased this magazine on eBay. The magazine called it "stack-'em-up Olympics" and received over 5,000 entries for the same. The first-prize winner received $50 and the five runner-ups received $10 each. "On the basis of taste, ease of preparation, and originality, our editors chose six on-the-money finalists," the article read. Waters began her series with the fifth runner-up's recipe, "Bologna Club," by 14-year-old Mary Weller of Arlington, Wash. She then made another video on the next runner-up's recipe, "California Delight," by 16-year-old Gina Link of San Diego. "Texas Toast Teaser," by 17-year-old Bob Jack of Dallas, was next. The second runner-up was "Super Chicken," by 19-year-old Mary Edmonds of Mulino, Ore, and Waters recreated it too.

Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters
Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters


These videos have received a lot of appreciation from their viewers. In the video on "Super Chicken," @Carol Marino commented, "'Super Chicken' was a popular cartoon. My mom loved it. Right up there with 'George of the Jungle.'" @Brittany Lee shared, "Are you going to do the #1 winner? can't wait to watch it." @JeannetNett wrote, "I love that nail polish color so cute and I am so invested in these sandwiches now, lol." @Texaslik23 revealed, "We weren't that sophisticated back then. Not that many choices, sources, or information available." Another video saw a comment by @bentleyandroma and it read, "I'm 66, and Seventeen magazine was my life. We only had 1 TV station and 1 AM radio station in rural Montana. That magazine was everything." In the video on "Bologna Club," @adriana_socal commented, "The '70s in sandwich form is a perfect description." @playrita shared, "I live nearish to the winner. Imagine their grandkids learning that their grandma won a contest. I hope this TT finds them." @SomerMatthews wrote, "This is incredible I'm excited."

Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters
Image Source: TikTok | @rosalind.waters


Truly, these videos are a delight to watch for any food and history lover. They show how some eating habits have changed, but others have remained similar. It also shows how we take a lot of inspiration from the food of the 60s and 70s. Moreover, people have always loved to experiment with their food. Now, they post about it on social media earlier, it was in magazines, but love for food remains the same!

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