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Person lists 9 rules for their own funeral and it's absolutely hilarious: 'Keep it cute, or on mute'

Another rule is that their phone dies with them. 'All my secrets have been told to my two person which means whoevers business I know they know too.'

Person lists 9 rules for their own funeral and it's absolutely hilarious: 'Keep it cute, or on mute'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @spiicyblack

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 15, 2023. It has since been updated.

We all love to imagine and plan our wedding day or other special occasions but have you ever extensively thought about your funeral? Probably not. But this TikTok user has thought through it and has specific rules for that day. TikTok user @spiicyblack has set nine rules for those who would be attending their funeral. They start off with, "Rule number one: Post my death on social media and give the reason ’cause all too many times we’ve been on social media, somebody has died, and now we’re playing Scooby-Doo to figure it out." “Go ahead and tell this thing because I’m not even here no more,” according to In The Know by Yahoo.

TikTok | @spiicyblack
TikTok| @spiicyblack


The second rule is that they don't want pictures of them "in the clouds or at the pearly gates" because as per them, they "won't even know" if they are going up there yet. The next rule includes that there should be twerking and shots of gin at the funeral. They go on to say that there shouldn't be "excessive crying" or children. "I don’t know if you all know this, but people die every day,” they say. “Keep it cute, or keep it on mute, please. No one wants to deal with that.”

The other rules included that their phone dies with them. "All my secrets have been told to my two persons which means whoever's business I know they know too. If they release it. Good Luck!" And finally added that there will be no food provided at the funeral. 

TikTok | @spiicyblack
TikTok| @spiicyblack


The video has about 2.1 million views and is captioned, "My funeral rules." Many on the social media platform could relate to what the TikTok user was saying. kimtothekizzo73 commented, "For me also no present-day pictures...only pictures of me in my prime or not at all." @zaybay1223 commented, "Adding to point no. 2, I will have a designated picture to be used. 6-Invitation only." @sagemorgante commented, "I think you should get some of these pre-ready. Like the photo, you can get those perfected early on." @b00tybr0licyea commented, "I’d add don’t take pictures of my body nor post them online." @jersey_jinx commented, "My dad wants us to do the photo montage video before he dies - he wants to see it." 

Talking about death, another TikTok user Anabel Morales said that she wants her husband to pick her over their baby if there would be any complications during childbirth, she said in a TikTok video. She added that she does not want her current son to grow up without a mother and leave her husband alone, who is grieving the loss of his wife while bringing up two children. “To my husband,” she writes over the video footage, “If I’m giving birth, and the doctor says you need to pick between me, or the baby. Please save me. I don’t want Ethan to grow up without a mom, & I don’t want you to have to raise two babies alone while also grieving your wife.”

Many mothers could resonate with what she was sharing. @kwc10130 commented, " I asked my husband this yesterday and he said “I’ll save you. We can have another baby, but I can’t get another you” not the answer I expected."  @samanthadianee2 commented, "My hubby has always said, “We can have another baby but our kids who are already on earth can’t replace you.”


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