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Good Samaritan reunites lost exotic cockatoo with owner: 'All hail the cockatoo distribution system'

A social media user was at their local car wash in Australia when they encountered an absolutely stunning and extremely friendly creature.

Good Samaritan reunites lost exotic cockatoo with owner: 'All hail the cockatoo distribution system'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @octomum82

It is a common belief within the fauna-loving community that the animals find and pick their owners and not the other way around. Cats are quite known for their 'cat distribution system,' where random cats and kittens choose their forever homes and families. However, we have never heard of a cockatoo distribution system until now! TikTok user @Octomum82 was at their local car wash in Australia when they came across a stunning cockatoo that was both beautiful and friendly. The bird's reaction to being discovered was priceless. 

Image Source: TikTok | @octomum82
Image Source: TikTok | @octomum82

The video of their amusing encounter gained 2.9 million views and 429.2k likes. It was captioned, "So lucky to get cocky cuddles." The person was surprised that the gorgeous black and orange cockatoo willingly came up to their hand and seemed friendly. The video creator explained in the comments that they found the owner within an hour and returned the bird. People in the comment section were stunned about how such a gorgeous found its way to the parking lot.

"He's like, 'I am so lost right now you have no idea,'" joked @casslg99. "Glad you found him before anything happened to him," praised @teko1975. They also wondered how this presumably expensive bird could go missing from their owner. "The fact that someone has the special permit for this bird is amazing. I don't think many people are allowed since they're protected and vulnerable," wondered @tarrynjacobson. "That's a $40,000 bird right there. His owners must've been freaking out," added @lildebbiesnackies. Hand-raised red-tailed black cockatoo birds can be purchased in the United States for anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000, according to Pet Junction.

Image Source: TikTok | @octomum82
Image Source: TikTok | @octomum82


These birds could not only be gorgeous but also affectionate and sassy. A musician's bird did not like the music she created, according to a video posted to Reddit by u/mindyour. The caption for the post reads, "Her cockatoo has had enough of her singing for the day." At the start of the video, we see a woman playing a beautiful melody on her piano. We hear a scratching noise from a bird in a matter of seconds.

The video's text overlay even says, "When your bird hates your new song." Then we hear in the bird's voice, "Why do you play it? I don't like it. It is annoying. So annoying. God." The musician continues singing for a bit and the subtitle states: "I would not fly to you. You broke my leg." Soon, we see the singer laughing at her bird's reaction. "Well, I guess you do not want to be quiet. I don't like the song, be quiet," the sassy bird adds. All this time, we see the singer laughing while playing her music.

Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour

Reddit user u/Ben_Stro also explained how this bird could talk: "Cockatoos are incredibly intelligent, but in this case, you can't say for sure. It's definitely copying to be social, but it may or may not understand the meaning behind the words. It probably knows the context to use them but might not know what each word means."

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