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Viral post perfectly explains why it's important to accept and normalize that people work for money

Every employer needs to read this.

Viral post perfectly explains why it's important to accept and normalize that people work for money
Cover Image Source: Twitter / Joel Lalgee

Passion vs. money is an internal conflict that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Employers have the habit of shaming employees who ask for more money. They are often shamed for being motivated by money. While employees are often motivated by many other factors, let's not pretend like money isn't a factor. One Twitter user explained why we must accept and normalize the fact that people work for money, even if it's the sole motivation for work.   



"Let's normalize letting people admit they work for money. I love my job, but if I didn't get paid, I wouldn't do it. Let's stop with these virtue messages. It's called WORK for a reason. Don't make it deeper than it needs to be", the tweet read. It received over 182 retweets and 539 likes. In today's era, there is a lesser portion of people who honestly do not care about how much they are getting paid because they love their job so much. Following your passion, may leave a sense of well-being and satisfaction in all you do, but it can also be incredibly mentally depleting at times. On the same Twitter thread, Lalgee tweeted saying, "I honestly think this is why people become disengaged with their job or fantasize about "dream jobs", it's such a fallacy and it can be incredibly disappointing to realize that work was never designed to be our fulfillment in life."

It is honestly okay if you work for money and not because it gives you some sort of spiritual or mental nourishment. Furthermore, one of the benefits of money is that it allows you to acquire books and media subscriptions without having to worry about it. You could also purchase tickets to witness performances in your culturally rich capital. These things feed our hearts and provide us with enormous joy. Money also means you can afford a dermatologist to help you with your longstanding acne problem. Spending money on yourself to make you look good makes you feel good. When you feel good, you cast a light on the world and have the courage to open yourself to people.



Money is an excellent motivator in work. It's the most accurate reflection of why you're there. Unless you work for a non-profit, the fundamental role and reason for being a business is to produce money. And your duty in that company is to assist it in making more money. This is the capitalist world in which we live. But what's truly terrible is that we're being conditioned to believe that we shouldn't be driven by money in our work. We are taught to feel ashamed about seeking money for ourselves. Anyone who has been told no while asking for a raise has felt the unpleasant discomfort and embarrassment of being placed back in your place, told you don't deserve it, and shuffled back to your previous position.

We must fight the individualistic mentality by assuming communal responsibility for change. We must realize our worth and not undermine others. If you can avoid working for free, don't. It is your responsibility to others to ask for what you are worth. Don't allow it to become something you're afraid of or embarrassed about. Money is important because it allows you to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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