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People's brains have turned to goo over this 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle

After a user posted a photo of the most confusing Wheel of Fortune puzzle ever to Twitter, it went viral. Users from across the country chimed in with their answers.

People's brains have turned to goo over this 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air since 1975 (which means it's much older than most of y'all reading this). And while it's had its zingers, this new puzzle that was recently aired on the show has stumped pretty much all of America. Like, people are losing it over this one question. LOSING. IT. The question asks contestants to fill in the blanks of a statement, the statement being: _ _ CK / _ T / _ O R K. If you've had a look at the puzzle, you're probably coming up with your own answers to it. I'm here to tell you: Nope, you're probably, in most likelihood, wrong.


The puzzle first went viral when an individual took to social media platform Twitter to share it. In addition to a photo of the actual question (presumably taken of their television screen on their phone), the Twitter user posted their own answer. "Suck it dork," Twittersgoodboy wrote with confidence. While meant to be humorous, it sent all of Twitter into a frantic tizzy, with hundreds of other users chiming in with their answers. Kevbauder suggested, "Could be Lick it Bork." Thorazos responded, "F*CK AT WORK," which was perhaps the greatest answer of them all.

Even more users added: Lick it fork, c*ck at work, lick it pork, f*ck it mork, Jack at work, and so on and so forth. The real answer, however, was less ridiculous and, to no one's surprise, definitely not as scandalous as some of the suggested responses. The correct answer was... Drum roll, please... "Back at work!" And there you have it, folks, quite possibly the most boring answer ever. Though the daytime television show had all of us on the edge of our seats thinking about the answer could be, ultimately, it was something so darn simple.

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