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People with video camera doorbells reveal the creepiest thing they've ever caught on camera

People were creeped out by kids, strangers, explosions, garden gnomes and more caught on their door bell cameras.

People with video camera doorbells reveal the creepiest thing they've ever caught on camera
A garden gnome close-up. - stock photo/Getty Images

The door bell camera is installed for safety purposes but it's always a little scary to even run through the footage. Even a 2-second footage of a stranger in front of your home can creep you out. Doorbell cameras are a common feature in many American homes and some of them who owned them took to Reddit to share the creepiest thing they saw on there. Sometimes even seemingly harmless video of a child standing on your doorway can make you jump out of your skin. "Redditors who have a ring doorbell, what’s the creepiest thing you have caught on it?" asked u/wigglytunadiddler. Here are 20 of the top responses we came across:

Intercom with security camera at the entrance to the property/Getty Images



1. Someone screaming bloody murder 

Had mine detect the sound of someone screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. Was only like 2 seconds then stopped and didn't happen again. Then there was the time there was a shootout across the street and it picked up the sounds of gunshots. I could hear the crack of the bullets on the opposite side of the house, but sadly not on camera. u/xXminilex

2. Plant petter

Not super creepy, but there is a guy that pets my plants sometimes. u/lookssharp



3. Child's day out

At 5-ish in the morning, sun was just starting to come up and it's the middle of winter. My husband half asleep answers the doorbell on his phone in bed next to me. It's a toddler wearing nothing but a pj top and underwear. Husband says "hello?" Toddler says "can (my son's name) come out to play?" Husband still half asleep says "not right now maybe later" About 3 minutes later, husband suddenly sits up as the reality of the situation dawn's on him and he rushes out of the house to track down a wandering toddler walking barefoot in the streets in freezing weather. Turns out my son's toddler friend from daycare who's been to our house once for a playdate just walked straight out his front door undetected and memorized the route to our house. For me it was the possibility of his little journey ending very differently than it did in a number of terrifying scenarios that still haunts me. u/misspoopyloopy

4. Serial gnomer

Not really creepy but there’s a serial gnomer in my neighborhood being caught on doorbell cameras. She’s dropping off gnomes on the unsuspected and walks away. She’s just showing up to houses at night and leaving little garden gnomes for people. Apparently she made it into a very small section of the local news. She’s making progress with her army. u/notveryaccuratetbh

Two Garden Gnomes - stock photo/Getty Images

5. Crept up behind us

Dude crouching behind my car while me and my mom got out, crept up right behind it and we didn't even notice, his face was covered, didn't see until a day or two later watching random clips. u/Wungusdigester


6. Group of strangers outside my door

6 people standing about 10 feet from my door and just staring at my house this past September. They were there muttering to each other for almost 20 minutes before going to the next house on the row and muttering there too. My girlfriend thinks they were the HOA, but I don't totally believe that. u/mxmnull

7. Paying tribute to the fae for luck

I have some flowerbeds out front and they've gotten vandalized, so I got cameras to cover them. I also live down the road from student housing so I get drunk kids stumbling through all the time. Every semester around finals, various groups of kids come 'pay tribute to the fae for luck' by sitting around my jasmine bed that has a faerie house neighborhood in it. They praise the faeries, begging for luck, & leave tributes in the form of little snacks or small trinkets like bottle caps. It's hilarious & adorable. u/OpossumJesushasrisen

8. Creepy kid standing motionless

Last week, my wife and I checked a notification that there was movement at the front door, but we checked it about an hour after it happened. There was what appeared to be a small child on our porch in a winter coat and standing motionless. With the way they were standing, we couldn’t see their face. They stood like this for minutes, not moving, then just left. So creepy. My wife had recently put out a Christmas decoration that was a holiday dinosaur so we figure the kid was just looking at that. We moved in to this house just a couple of months ago so we don’t know the kid. I’m on the lookout in case we’re in a horror movie. u/Mostmodestmouse

9. Huge explosion

A chemical plant blew up a few miles from my house and you could hear the a distant explosion and see an orange glow on mine. It was pretty trippy. It went off in the middle of the night on thanksgiving. The fire burned for a few days so you could see this massive black cloud of smoke for moles and a couple of secondary explosions happened the next day u/woodchuck125

The following video is of the expression caught in the door camera of another person:


10. Burglar

I think I found a guy trying to stake out my place. He came up to my door, knocked it, tried to ring the doorbell (the doorbell was broken), and finally rang the Ring doorbell. He looked shocked to see it working, and he quickly took off in his car. My place was kind of burglarized a year before; I caught the burglar outside and screamed at him. u/McHaaps

11. Bolted with a bear

My father in law is a wood carver. He had made us this really nice bear cub climbing up on some rocks carving. It's super heavy, like 150+ lbs, of solid wood. Woke up one morning with a Ring notification at like 4 AM the night before. I figured it was a car driving by or something and went to watch it. Some dude just walked up to our front porch, picked this carving up, and started running down the street with it. I was pissed cause the carving was really nice, but completely amazed by the sheer strength to pick it up and run. Funny enough, our next door neighbor found it on FB Marketplace like 2 months later and was able to get it back for us. The bear now has a few 2" threaded rods bolted through the deck and some additional blocking I put in. You have to be the Mountain from GoT to pull this thing up now. u/Juventus19

12. Creepy ex

My wife’s ex-husband in our backyard looking in the windows. u/same_lack_1775

13. Guy waiting with a baseball bat

My mom saw a guy wandering around her yard with a baseball bat in hand late at night. Her, my brother, and our Great Dane went out to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing. Guy immediately ran off. Used to think security cameras at home were weird. Now I know they can give you a head start in case someone shady is about. u/KaytheMadscientist

14. Fake police

Someone holding a clearly fake police badge up to the camera. I wasn't home at the time. u/fake_fakington 

15. Bear with me

We have an old horseshoe door knocker. My phone chimed then someone gently knocked with the knocker. My daughter looked out the window and said “mom, I’m 4 Oreos away from a bear.” The picture from the ring camera is on my profile. u/awkwardinglyherdingcats

16. Mystery of the missing package

Random guy comes to our door at 1 AM, looks into the Ring then puts something down on the door mat but doesn't ring the bell. About 15 minutes later, someone approaches the door quickly, takes it and runs off. I saw two events in the morning and was like WTF. Seeemed super sketchy. Then my next door neighbor texted saying he got home super late, ordered food, and the delivery driver dropped it at our house instead of his. u/emptysignals

17. Creepy as hell

Honda Civic riding back and forth slowly around our neighborhood playing ice cream truck music loudly. Hoping it was a stupid prank and not something more sinister. u/amoeba2020

18. Guy talking to his penis

Around 6:00am an obviously homeless man rang our doorbell a few times. He began to reach his hands into his pants and talk to his penis. After a few seconds he then tried to climb through a cracked window above the door. It was too tall and he gave up immediately. He then walked around the side porch, put all of his belongings nicely in a corner, and left. Never saw him again. u/nevuiz

19. Guy with a machete

A couple of guys attacked my bushes with a machete, and threw the branches in the driveway. My family thought I ran into the bushes and scolded me, before I showed them the footage. Still don't know why this happened. u/Reddit

20. "Do you have gasoline?"

Some dude came up to our door in the middle of the night, kept saying “Do y’all have gasoline?”, and then just walked off. u/TomtheMovie

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