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People who absolutely love their jobs explain what they do for a living

People often enjoy their work because of the nature of it. They also enjoy it if it is stress-free, has good pay, or has amazing co-workers.

People who absolutely love their jobs explain what they do for a living
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 28, 2021. It has since been updated.

There's no worse feeling than having to return to work on a Monday. It's one of the most relatable feelings across the world. However, some people do really enjoy their work and look forward to coming in to work every day. A Reddit group was asked about people who loved their jobs and what they did for a living, and the answers really gave hope to those in search of their dream job. For some, it was the nature of the work, for some it was the stress-free nature of their work, and for some, it was their co-workers. Here are some of the best answers we came across:

1) The smell of freshly baked bread

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"I left my career and the big hustle of the city (LA, and before that Toronto), and moved to a tiny town in the mountains where I took a job as a baker. It's like living in a Hallmark movie; there isn't a stoplight around for like 30 miles and everything is all alpine village-y and sh*t. I make half the money I did at my old desk job but my expenses are half what they were, and I have ZERO stress - our customers are always happy because pie. -u/bergam0t

2) Waving glow sticks for a living

I’m the guy who gets to wave glow sticks at the airport and help parallel park airplanes. The only downside is that I have to stay outside at all times 
- u/foodpoisoningsucks 

3) Manufacturing happiness

I love working in manufacturing/welding. There's a lot of satisfaction in creating something out of something else. I take pride that my work meets specs and the money is ok. It's not necessarily a rare skill set, but not everyone can do it. I've struggled with ADD and depression, so being successful at my trade is very important to me.

4) Freedom to teach

I’m an art teacher. I shut my door, interpret the curriculum how I see fit, and have a blast making amazing projects with my kids. Since it’s art, nobody really gives a crap about what I’m doing, as long as my kids are working. It gives me a lot of freedom to teach what I think is appropriate. -u/Embarrassed_Wing_284

5) Playing video games with patients

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Pediatric registered nurse. When I'm done with my assessments, medication administration, and charting, I spend my downtime building Legos and playing video games with my patients. Pretty sweet gig. u/Lord_Chud


6) It's fun building sh*t

I'm a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors. I install elevators for a living. The benefits and pay are incredible. The work is very satisfying and I actually enjoy coming to work every day. It can get stressful and some days are way harder than others, but generally, it's a pretty fun job building sh*t and using tools all day. -u/Californiadude86 





7)  Freedom to trying new things

I’m an HS science teacher. I have always loved my job but I sure do right now. I work for a great district and I spend time with my 7-year-old kids during the summer (instead of paying for childcare all summer). I love what I teach, and every year we have an opportunity to propose a new course, and then if students sign up for it we get to teach it. So next year I get to teach a new class that I picked myself!! - u/Opportunity-Horror

8) It's seriously criminal I get paid to do this

Dog walker here. I love being outside all day, with little to no contact with humans, and spending every day with all kinds of fun and adorable dogs, there is virtually no downside. They are so happy to see me and even happier to walk. It's seriously criminal that I get paid to do this lol. -u/SameConversation369 


9)  Love for cooking

I own and run a farm. We do a lot of gourmet mushrooms, garlic, specialty fruits, etc. I have always loved to cook. Cooking with fresh local ingredients is awesome. Basing your life around producing those ingredients, cooking with them, and sharing with your community is amazing. I would never have a normal "job" again. It really is true that with some persistence and a bit of luck you can find a job that doesn't feel like work. -u/ThePhwner

10)  To have a considerate boss

My boss just told me I could bring my book back with me after lunch and read it if I wanted. He said he knows I’ll get all of my stuff done and he doesn’t mind…… I love my job so much! - u/Food_2013

11) Flexible hours

I work at an airport. It's the best job I've ever had. The hours are flexible, I can make my own schedule, and my coworkers are pretty awesome and I enjoy going to work every day I am there. u/chefboyarde30 

12) The joy of working with people

Social worker here. Exciting because no two days are the same and I’m constantly learning. I love working with people who are just as passionate about my field as I am. Despite difficult cases, I love working with people. -u/Lernmm

13) Stress-free job

I am a medical photographer. For the most part, my job is pretty stress-free. I just take calls and go take photos of interesting (to me) photos. Some days are gross but most are really pleasant for the most part. The money isn't amazing but I make enough to make a decent living where I am at. Strong stomach recommended.


14)  Jumping out of the sky

Skydiving instructor. I mainly take people on tandem skydives and introduce them to the world of skydiving. It has its ups and downs. -u/JustAnotherDude1990

15)  World of books and children

I work in a library, and I love it. Sure, the pay isn't great, and there is loads of red tape, but I get to work with children and books every day! I always wanted to be a librarian too. I give tours to classes, I give workshops, I man the desk at the children's department and I set up projects that help schools promote reading.






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