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People who've decided to never have children explain why parenthood is not for them

While some have a zillion reasons for why they don't want to birth and raise a mini-me, others have pinpointed the exact reason why they won't be following in their parents' footsteps in this one matter.

People who've decided to never have children explain why parenthood is not for them
Cover Image Source: Reddit/SteamboatMcGee

As wide and varied as our world is, one thing that remains common across almost the countries is the overwhelming weight of expectations on an individual to have children once they've hit a certain age. Sure, the appropriate age for childbearing changes from region to region but at the end of the day, we're all expected to procreate. However, times are changing and more and more people are convinced that parenthood doesn't quite fit into their idea of a perfect life. While some have a zillion reasons for why they don't want to birth and raise a mini-me, others have pinpointed the exact reason why they won't be following in their parents' footsteps in this one matter.

Reddit got talking about these reasons a few months ago after one user posted this question to the AskReddit subforum: "Redditors who have decided they don't want to have children, what is your reasoning?" A range of answers came flooding in, from which we've picked the most compelling 25 here:


Image Source: Reddit/21st_Centuryhippie
Image Source: Reddit/slinky999


"It is my belief that if you are going to have kids you should love them unconditionally no matter what. I have conditions." — Tom-King-of-Idiots 


"I like sleep, a clean house and not having to be responsible for someone else's emotions." — AbhorsenDoctor 


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"I believe that children are a very serious and irreversible lifelong commitment and that the majority of society is wrong to consider them the default option rather than a conscious choice you make for good reasons.
With that belief in mind, I simply have no compelling reason for why I should have children and so I don't have them, because they should be an opt-in rather than an opt-out." — GoldenesDachl 


"Simply put, kids annoy me and I probably wouldn't make a good father." — AndysHam91 


Image Source: Reddit/NovelTAcct


"Worked at multiple summer camps and childrens places (did it for experience and thought it would be fun)... Kids honestly hate me and I'm fine with it." — aliygdeyef 


"People say I'm great with kids (shy ones seem to take to me for some reason) and say I'd be a great father. I correct them by saying I'm a great uncle. I hang out, spoil them, then walk away at the end of the visit." — ILIKEPOTATOES82 


Image Source: Reddit


"I have a lot of supporting reasons, but the main overriding one is that I just don't want them. I think children should be wanted, not just a thing you do because that's what you do. For supporting reasons, I also am actively worried about the effects of overpopulation, don't think I am the type of person or in the right situation to be a good parent, and don't really enjoy other people's children." — SteamboatMcGee 


"I don’t want them. You’d think this reason would be enough haha. Being pregnant doesn’t sound like a good time. I’m going to be 30 this year, and have yet to experience being stable with my finances. I want to do fun things for me when I am financially able to, not skip over me and go straight to kids. I have a nephew and I love him so much! Plus I get to leave him after a few hours. As my step mother and I always say: 'Kiss them once when they arrive and twice when they leave.'" —ittybittykittydress 


Image Source: Reddit/ThatsASaabStory
Image Source: Reddit/ThatsASaabStory


"I wanna enjoy my life and be free. Have my money for myself and buy whatever I want. There are enough people on Earth who want children. If everyone would have some we would just over-populate." — MarvinDowneyJr 


"Expensive, big commitment, restraining, extra anxiety, and why not have a dog or something." — zachraryy 


Image Source: Reddit


"I don't like children. People with kids are like, 'Oh, I didn't either, but when they're yours it's all sunshine and unicorn farts.' But the same ones have dark circles under their eyes, hang out about once a year and bring the screaming little assholes with them, and constantly moan about how expensive children are. I like having a full night's sleep, my own schedule, and control over my own finances, thank you." — ILIKEPOTATOES82 


"I don't think this (fucked up) world needs more people. I don't like children. I don't see myself as a parent and don't think I'd be good at it. I don't want to give up stuff like traveling and to be responsible for another human who depends on me. Btw. I'm w/25. I hate hearing 'you'll find the right man to have children with' - no, no I won't. I never wanted kids and I never will." — nothingjustmeandi 


Image Source: Reddit


"Too many emotional problems. Bad genetics for mental health problems. Can’t bear to bring an innocent child into such a horrible world. Generally struggle with kids because I’m not good with messes, noise, or patience. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate kids, I’m just not good with them and find it extremely draining. Don’t want to be stuck giving my all to the kids for 20 of the best years of my life. Asexual. I don’t want to, and that’s nobody else’s business but mine." — XXmilleniumXX 


"I don't see a reason to. I feel like this question is in the wrong direction. If you want to force another being into existence, you should have a good justification for doing so. I think the usual next response is 'well the human race has to continue' and it just becomes a lot of value judgements and posturing. Which is fine, nothing really matters anyway." — HashtagNarcissist 


Image Source: Reddit/moomerrymunch


"I can't provide what's necessary for what psychologists call 'healthy development.' I don't believe any child should be forced into a world where they aren't financially secure. I don't believe any human being should be forced into this cruel, painful, hopeless, and meaningless world. Even if there's a small chance that they'll be happy. An entirely biased opinion, no doubt." — Reddit


"A comment I saw on reddit summed it up perfectly for me as to why I don't want children. 'The moment you have a kid, your life is no longer your life.' Like many others I cannot see myself as a parent nor do I think I have what it takes to be a parent. Plus I don't think I'm responsible enough to be able to take care of another person let alone a child." — Card_God 


Image Source: Reddit/Livid-Vanilla

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