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People unite to support homeless man after prankster buys him food and eats it in front of him

Trevon Sellers thought it would be great for his content if he hurt the sentiments of a homeless man but people online had other views.

People unite to support homeless man after prankster buys him food and eats it in front of him
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @shannonsharpeee

TikTok creators have been dominating the social space for a while now. Solutions to your beauty problems, travel hacks and even parenting tips are only a click away. While some content creators are truly helpful in making our lives easier, there has also been a rise of pranksters on social media platforms who go to extreme lengths in the name of creating something funny for their viewers. Their tasteless gestures for the sake of viral views often end up hurting the sentiments of unsuspecting people around them, just like what social media content creator Trevon Sellers did.

Image Source: Twitter | @shannonsharpeee
Image Source: Twitter | @shannonsharpeee

Sellers has been making YouTube and TikTok videos under the username @whatsuptre and has gained decent followers for his skits on the social scene until one of his rude gestures towards a homeless man paused his budding career as an influencer. Sellers has since deactivated his social media accounts except for his Instagram @trevon.sellers following severe backlash from fellow content creators and viewers who united to support the homeless man. The controversy around Sellers started when he targeted a homeless man in his now-deleted video.

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The video begins with Sellers in a seemingly sympathetic tone, telling viewers about the scale of homelessness in Los Angeles. "Los Angeles, California, has the third biggest homeless population in the United States and today it's my job to make sure there's one less hungry person on the streets," Sellers said. He approached a homeless person sitting behind a fence and asked if he was hungry. When the man said yes, Sellers offered to buy him a meal from the popular fast food chain Wendy's.

The prankster returned with a combo meal for the homeless guy, which consisted of a Sprite, large fries and two Baconators. Sellers went on to explain to the homeless fellow that he used to be homeless as well and now, he is going to make sure that the homeless person goes on the right path. However, instead of handing over the starving man his generous meal, Sellers started chomping down on the food right in front of him. "This is really good," he said after eating the burger, munching on the fries and drinking Sprite. "Alright, take care, have a nice day."

Image Source: Twitter | @shannonsharpeee
Image Source: Twitter | @shannonsharpeee

According to Dailymail, Sellers later claimed that the entire video was staged and the homeless guy was actually his "friend," but it was too late. The internet considered his action vile and shamed him for acting so insensitively for the sake of social media popularity. Sellers deleted the video, but it was later circulated on other social sites, including on Twitter by @shannonsharpeee. Twitter users rallied around the homeless man and criticized Sellers and his heartless actions.


@RivalDarkSide wrote, "Karma is real and he will meet it someday. This is truly disgusting." @F16kwe remarked: "Bullying and ridicule and making the poor content is not from humanity, rather, it is rejected by all monotheistic religions. I do not know what to gain from this act other than the inferior view of it by human beings." @PhoenixFlames81 added, "I don't care if this was staged or not. It's wrong to make fun of homeless people. Karma will come and it won't be pretty when it hits you. You said you were homeless at one point. You better watch out because you spoke it out and you won't be laughing when it happens."




As reported by Fontana Herald News, the controversial social media personality was arrested in Upland for allegedly making criminal threats, according to the Upland Police Department. On July 2, the Upland P.D. put a message on Facebook indicating that the department had become aware of recent disturbing social media posts made by Sellers, who is a Sacramento resident. These posts include threatening videos that were made at a fast food restaurant in the 1200 block of E. Foothill Boulevard and the Upland Animal Shelter, among others, the Upland P.D. said.


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