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People rally around woman who got fired two days before delivering her first child

People stand up for an expecting mother who was let go unceremoniously by her company two days before her delivery.

People rally around woman who got fired two days before delivering her first child
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Leah Kelley; Reddit | u/slpwlkr03

In this era of competition, every company wants to put their best foot forward. They want a relationship with employees that only benefits them to fulfill this pursuit. Therefore, whenever an employee needs assistance, through their policies, plans, or actions, they leave them out to dry. u/slpwlkr03 in his post, narrates an incident in which his daughter was subjected to cruel behavior by her employers just because she was pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural process, but unfortunately, the American workforce has still not made space for it. In this case, the employers chose to ignore every contribution made by their employee in her years in the company and instead punished her for her pregnancy.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets

The father and his family were very happy because they were expecting a new arrival. His daughter was pregnant and he couldn't wait to see his grandchild. Despite her condition, his daughter continued to work throughout her pregnancy. Unfortunately, everything came crashing down just two days before the delivery. The daughter was employed in a work-from-home position and got called in by the office for a meeting. Despite being heavily pregnant, she decided to make the commute. They made her work the entire day and then, "at the end of her shift," fired her unceremoniously.

The daughter had no clue this was going to happen. At a time when she should have been taking care of herself as her baby was due, she was getting fired. The fact that she had to "make the commute today for the "send-off" increased her devastation. The corporation disregarded her condition and made her come to the office in order to deliver the news. They not only shook her world with the firing but also put the cherry on top with the disrespect. As for the reasoning, her father shared, "Her productivity metrics have gone down in the past few months (because she was busy being pregnant!) and that was reason enough to let her go."

Her father believes that the firing came because of her impending maternity leave. He wrote, "I guess you can't pay for Super Bowl commercials when you're weighed down by pay maternity leave." Though not revealed in the post, it seems that the daughter worked at a big corporation that routinely spends money on promotions but fails to take care of the very people who keep their company standing. In an update, the father revealed that his daughter had given birth to a healthy baby. Both she and her baby are doing well after 18 hours of labor. Though she is disappointed that she no longer has a plan to move forward with, she is glad to have the support of her family. The father is angry at the whole situation and thinks that it is a "lousy way" to treat a loyal employee.

Image Source: Reddit/u/DataDump_
Image Source: Reddit/u/DataDump_
Image Source: Reddit/u/Gob_Hobblin
Image Source: Reddit/u/Gob_Hobblin

The comment section agreed with the father and gave suggestions for further steps. u/Sir_Stash shared how this was a massive blunder from the company and wrote, "Whoever decided to fire a pregnant woman 12 hours before being induced has to be a massive idiot. Even if you plan on firing that person, anyone with a tenth of a brain cell knows that you wait until you're clear of being able to be sued for discriminating against a pregnant person." u/Cold_Toe3020 wished the daughter well and commented, "That's crazy they'd do that. They opened themselves up to a lawsuit, for sure. Hope your grandbaby is born healthy and happy and your daughter recovers well."

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