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People share their unhinged pandemic responses after study says mental health was hardly affected

We made it through the pandemic and we're stronger (and possibly weirder) for it. Check out these 25 hilarious tweets about pandemic madness!

People share their unhinged pandemic responses after study says mental health was hardly affected
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@AmyMaeLilly

Welcome, fellow pandemic survivors! The pandemic has been a rollercoaster of emotions, from the initial panic to the endless monotony of staying at home. But a recent study from BBC claims that the mental health crisis during this time was minimal. Well, Twitter users have something to say about that.

While some people may have found inner peace and started meditating, others went a little bit... off the rails. Remember that time when you spent an entire day trying to teach your cat how to fetch? Or when you gave yourself a DIY haircut that left you looking like a discount Joe Exotic? Yeah, we remember too. And luckily for us, the good people of Twitter have been sharing their own unhinged pandemic stories.


So grab some popcorn (or leftover banana bread), sit back and enjoy some of the most entertaining tweets about pandemic madness. From obsessively reorganizing the pantry to attempting to make a homemade vaccine, these 25 tweets will make you feel better about your own pandemic shenanigans. So, let's all take a deep breath and remember: we made it through the pandemic, and we're stronger (and possibly weirder) for it.

1. A new friend


2. That didn't take long


3. It's all in the eyes



4. Strategize and survive


5. With the whole crew



6. Rest in pieces


7. Woof


8. Drip or drown


9. Impressive, to be honest


10. "Staying apart is the best way to stay united."


11. Master


12. Minimal mental health crisis? You sure about that?


13. A masterpiece


14. Flanders for life


15. It's called art. Look it up.


16. Go ahead. Explain this


17. You gotta do what you gotta do


18. Maybe some magic would help



19. Nothing strange here


20. Your turn, Mittens


21. They had a lot to say


22. Ok



23. He doesn't look too impressed


24. Till death do us quack


25. Cuties



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