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15 people share the most obvious things in their profession that the public doesn't know about

Here are some of the best revelations we found online which will dispel any misconceptions you had about a job.

15 people share the most obvious things in their profession that the public doesn't know about
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Thomas Barwick

People who are unfamiliar with a subject are often the first to speak about it. Their unfounded claims can endanger those who believe them without question; especially in this day and age when rumors spread like wildfire on social media. That is how myths emerge, and it is for this reason that you should take everything you hear from unreliable sources with a pinch of salt. These great misconceptions range from ridiculous to plausible and must therefore be refuted by an expert. Fortunately, representatives from various professions frequently share useful information about their respective fields online. Here are some of the best ones we found on Reddit which will dispel any misconceptions you had about any particular profession:

1. Cake? 

A good bakery will have fresh products every day. If you come in the late afternoon, they will probably be sold out of many of your favorites. Also, if you come early and buy all of the chocolate chip cookies no one else will get any that day. The remedy to both of these problems is ordering in advance.u/zellaann

2. Caregivers

As a CNA caregiver for the elderly, I'm not just responsible for your loved one, but likely 10 or so others. I'm sorry if you or your mom had to wait 15 minutes for me to come, but that doesn't mean I was slacking. I was with another person or maybe 5 that called before you. We are underpaid and under staffed, I'm trying my best to help everyone, -not- just one person. I'm not a personal caregiver. Just wish people knew, they get mad and I understand, but I work my b**t off and sometimes don't even take my break to help and then get told why'd it take so long. - u/Muzzie720

3. Everything but the artwork

Japanese woman wearing hat standing in front of abstract painting in an art gallery. Getty Images/ 	Mint Images RF
Representative Image Source: Getty Images/ Mint Images RF
Museum security. No I don’t have a gun, I’m here to tell you where the bathrooms are not take a bullet for the Monet. No, no one tries to steal the artwork I have to be here because you absolutely will try to touch that million dollar painting with your greasy hands. - u/horribleflesheater

4. I am not killing your MaMaw

'Do Not Resuscitate' does not mean I am going to kill MaMaw. It means that if it is her time to die, as evidenced by her lack of a pulse or breathing, I do not break all her ribs in an attempt to keep her alive which will, likely fail because she is 30kg and demented with stage IV lung CA with mets to her bones and brain. - u/Tilted_scale

5. Anesthesiology

If you eat before your surgery, the chances of you dying or getting badly hurt increase exponentially. Anesthesia makes you more likely to vomit and since you're unconscious you can't prevent your acidic throw up from going into your lungs.u/misteratoz

6. Waiter/cashier 

I understand your food is taking a long time, and I genuinely feel bad about it, but there's literally nothing I can do. Sometimes orders get backed up, sometimes we have cooks in training, sometimes managers just leave during a big rush and we have to play shorthanded. Getting pissed off at me can't make the new guy cook any faster - u/Johobus28

7. Brain scans do not work like that

No, I can't diagnose you or tell whether you have naughty thoughts by looking at your brain scan. Also, if you were only using 10% of your brain, you'd be pretty much dead.u/[deleted]

8. A teacher is not a potty trainer

It is not a teacher's job to potty train your child. You need to work on that at home before they're ready to start school. Some classes have 30+ kids, we just can't take the time to work on things like that with your kid when there's 29 other kids who also need attention.u/SailorVenus23

9. Lawyer

The biggest issue I see with the general public, and within my client company, is that just because you're mad, doesn't mean you're right. More specifically, just because you're mad, doesn't mean you have a legal basis to take action. Telling me your feelings about fairness, inequality, etc. isn't the same thing as actually stating a claim.u/SaltLocksmith

10. Safari guide 

Dangerous animals can literally be anywhere, including right next to the vehicle and you may not be able to see them. Don't think that you can walk around unsupervised because you can honestly be attacked if you don't know what to do.u/thebadgoblin

11. Historian

"Truth" is always relative, dependent of the perspective of the truth-teller and always constructed in some capacity. Every source must be subject to critical assessment.u/butterjoelni

12. Retail

The lowly front-line employee standing in front of you, cannot change corporate policy at a major chain with thousands of locations. Explaining in detail why a certain corporate policy is "wrong" or "unfair" will not magically give me the ability to change corporate policy. Challenging ME to explain the reasons behind corporate policy will not magically give me the ability to change corporate policy. I almost never know the real reason anyway, because they don't tell me. But I'll gladly make something up for you. Disagreeing with whatever explanation I may pull out of my a** STILL does not magically give me the ability to change corporate policy. - u/RangeWilson

13. Credit Union

I'm not asking for your ID to personally offend you or imply that I have authority over you. I'm asking for it because *I will get fired if I don't*. - u/opalesense

14. Pizza guy

A pizza man making a home delivery holding a stack of pizza boxes. Getty Images /stevecoleimages
Representative Image Source: Getty Images /stevecoleimages
How people will call during the dinner rush and ask for a pizza. We tell them 15-20 minutes (it usually takes 15 at most but you never know with all the slices going in, and we don't have enough ovens) and then ask "can't you make it faster?" No... "But I really need it quickly my family is starving!" Ok so order ahead of time next time. It's dinner time at an already busy place on the busiest night. What did you expect? - u/T-Stoklis

15. Front desk of a hotel

I don't understand why people get mad a room is not ready at 8 am when we were sold out the previous night! I constantly have to explain that check out time is at 11, and that check in time is at 4!! I cannot kick a guest out of a room that they are entitled to for the next 3 hours! -u/papergirl906

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