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People share 25 completely healthy behaviors that get shamed by others

As we now have a better understanding of the cruelty involved in the act of shaming, the practice has come to be frowned upon. However, that doesn't stop everyone.

People share 25 completely healthy behaviors that get shamed by others
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Embarassing or humiliating others has unfortunately been a big part of human civilisation for centuries. In fact, some cultures even embraced it as a form of punishment by formal law at some point; although Western countries have thankfully moved away from such formal kinds of shaming in recent decades. As we now have a better understanding of the cruelty involved in the act of shaming, the practice has even come to be frowned upon as unacceptable behaviour in informal settings as well. This doesn't always stop everyone though, as evidenced by the responses to this query posted by u/dodongicepick in the r/AskReddit community: "What is a healthy behavior that people shame others for?"

Here are 25 of the top responses:


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"Talking to yourself. It's a good way to problem solve or even just vent about something."Vanilla_Neko


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"Doing things that are normally thought of as social activities by yourself. Like eating at a restaurant, or going to a concert, play, or movie. Tbh I don't think people care or notice at all. Stop shaming yourselves for enjoying life, friends."ipakookapi


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"Being wrong. It's healthy to express opinions and ideas. When we shame people for being wrong, we tend to stop new conversations from happening. In this way, we lose opportunities to understand where others are coming from and squander opportunities to change minds. Further, we push all the wrong-headed people into groups where they can go nuts following their wrongness to its logical conclusion. Just stop humiliating people for holding opinions and having bad ideas. And remember everybody does."addisonaddisonii


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"Being slow to respond. I would rather respond correctly than quickly. Same for confidence level. If I am unsure it means I want to double-check. It seems more irresponsible to speak off the cuff. But I think the reality is that the fast talkers are rewarded more, even if they are wrong."wyzapped 


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"People trying to better themselves or their situation. This goes for a lot of things, exercise, work, trying to fix anything you don't like about your personality. If you try to cause change for yourself there will always be someone who shames you for it."Joetrus


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"Asking about kids early on in the relationship. I’m not saying you should ask on the first date but why is it so frowned upon. Shouldn’t you go ahead and find out if you want the same things in life before you’re 3 years into the relationship and the breakup will be 10x worse because you waited until it was too late and it hurts like hell?"Satan__666___ 


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"Being single. I had this horrible experience where I wanted to be single for a bit and also just wasn't meeting anyone I was really interested in. I was perfectly fine with not having a boyfriend but my friends hounded me about it constantly. Always asking me why I was single, telling me I was too picky, would show up to hangouts with men and ask me why I didn't go for it. Me saying I was fine with being single was never a good enough answer. So I started to feel self-conscious about being single, felt like I was under a microscope so if I did meet someone I felt uncomfortable having my friends cheering me on. I was young so I didn't know how to handle it so I just kind of dealt with it but it sucked. Let your single friends be single unless they are asking for your help, advice and opinions."SailorSpoon11 


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"Prioritising your mental health. It's such a high expectation on people to expect to be constantly working and seeing who can sleep the least, while at the same time maintaining the perfect home/family/appearance. It's all an illusion and careful editing presented on social media to make you feel even worse about yourself. Though we've made progress in talking about mental health there's still a lot of stigma around it and many people either can't afford the help they need or have to be on months-long waiting lists which can find an appointment being offered too late. It's such an underfunded area and I just hope that in the future we can work to a lifestyle with clear boundaries between work and home and that when people need help and support that they can actually get it without having to worry about the money/waiting times/stigma."RecordingNew449


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