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People rise to support stunning woman in her 70s who was body-shamed for her outfit choice

When the internet trolled a woman in her 70s for wearing a dress they didn't think was 'age-appropriate' for her, sisterhood stood strong in her defense.

People rise to support stunning woman in her 70s who was body-shamed for her outfit choice
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Styleinyour70s

Society has been biased towards women’s fashion choices for decades. Even though the year is now 2023, many people still find it hard to refrain from typing out prejudiced comments on social media posts of women simply existing in their own skin. However, on the other side of the hateful coin is a virtual sisterhood that unites against the attacks of such trollers. Recently, Candace Leslie Cima, a mid-70s former model and businesswoman–who goes by Styleinyour70s on Facebook–shared a video of herself trying on a brown, knitted, sleeveless dress that frankly looked stunning on her. Unfortunately, not long after, people started posting vile comments on her video.

Image Source: Facebook | Styleinyour70s
Image Source: Facebook | Styleinyour70s

But thankfully, many internet users came together to defend Cima from the distressing comments the post was getting. The video has since then gone viral for the way people still hold outdated, stereotypical opinions about women and the kind of clothes they should wear at any given age. It has gained 541k views and over 10k likes. Initially, negative comments attempting to body shame Cima were at the top of the comments section. However, the tables soon turned as people flooded the post with comments about body positivity and embracing oneself no matter their age.

Maggie (@LibertyAnders) shared Cima’s Facebook post on X (previously Twitter) and wrote, “The grandma-on-grandma violence on Facebook is real. This woman looks incredible in her 70s and all of the comments are older women tearing her apart for her body and outfit.” 


Her sentiments were echoed by many users in the comments section. X user @Kat458795311 said, “Women that love themselves don’t talk this way about other women.” @NicoletteFuller, wrote, “I hope I’m this lucky to look like this when I’m 70. Either way, I’m gonna [be] in tank tops and shorts and sexy outfits like this. Hitting maturity means not giving a f*ck what other’s opinions about you are.”


Another person talked about how women hate other women because she’s able to grab “the male attention.” @DuhwayneBangz said, “Women hate when other women get male attention. However, women ridicule women more than men, contrary to popular belief. Because they think she’s hot, she needs to dress down and cover up to make them feel comfortable looking the way they currently look and hold themselves.” "Makes me so sad to see that many women don’t age out of being so nasty and bitter to other women," commented Facebook user Brittney Moore. "You look AMAZING and don’t let these jealous people let you think otherwise!"

Image Source: X | @Amina_io
Image Source: X | @Amina_io
Image Source: X | @UbaidRussell
Image Source: X | @UbaidRussell

Cima’s video and her choice of dressing are sending out a strong, powerful message that resonates with many women. This positive support and unification of women to fight off the double standards towards them reminds us of what Bob Dylan sang, “The Times They Are A‐Changin’” so that women don’t have to!

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 13, 2023. It has since been updated.

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