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People reveal the things they've discovered about themselves due to the pandemic

For many of us, the lockdown period and the challenges presented by the pandemic have been a long-overdue wake-up call on a number of matters.

People reveal the things they've discovered about themselves due to the pandemic
Cover Image Source: Reddit/RomanovRyddle

When the coronavirus pandemic brought the fast-paced world we'd come to know to a near-complete halt, it turned the lives of yours, mine, and almost everyone we know upside down. Forced to stay indoors and with a lot more time on our hands, things we'd been knowingly or unknowingly putting off finally stared us right in the face. Without professional and social engagements to hide behind—and only so much Netflix and social media doomscrolling our brains can handle in a day—we've had to turn inwards and take a long hard look at who we are.

For many of us, the lockdown period and the challenges presented by the pandemic have been a long-overdue wake-up call on a number of matters. From the mental health issues we'd been ignoring to the personality traits we never recognized, we're all coming out this with at least one or two pandemic realizations. These are the lessons Reddit user AngrryBee sought to hear as they posted the following question on the AskReddit forum: "What is something that you've discovered about yourself because of Corona/quarantine?"

Here's how 24 Redditors answered this question:


"I don't have many good friends."fourty-tw0


Image Source: Reddit/Attendancy


"I am not super important to anyone and if I died in my apartment it would be a while before someone noticed."InItsTeeth


Image Source: Reddit/streamstroller
Image Source: Reddit/streamstroller


"How fast I can gain weight it's incredible."coryhill66 


Image Source: Reddit/SaltyChickenDip


"Honestly? I've been functionally depressed for a long time it seems. Work and all the business of life before covid allowed me to ignore it. But now I know for sure that I can't continue this way, and I'm gonna start taking more meaningful and positive steps toward dealing with it before it gets worse."Thegr8Santini 


Image Source: Reddit/vanphoric


"How extroverted I am, and how much I like being out of the house, especially when you can’t go out anywhere."progrock_and_cats


Image Source: Reddit/RomanovRyddle


"I love working from home! I didn't think I'd be able to deal with it. I was so wrong. This is awesome. I can do my work in my jammies, I have no commute, and I get so much done without coworkers around."insertcaffeine


Image Source: Reddit/randy88moss


"That I was a little introverted. Before the pandemic, I thought of myself as pretty outgoing. After class, I could talk with the psychology teacher for about 10 minutes. I could work with pretty much any other student. And I love having conversations. After the pandemic, I'm actually enjoying the quietness. I don't need to recharge after conversation anymore. I could just relax in my room all day and I'll be fine... I also really suck at time management."Cookie0927


Image Source: Reddit/PrivateIslandPresent


"I usually didn't really want to go out or meet people. I never saw the point of that. So when the Pandemic started, I didn't think it was going to be a problem for me. But after all the time of not going anywhere, not even university, I can't wait to go back."flyingdutchman1211


Image Source: Reddit/Imbackfrombeingband


"That I'm more resilient and capable than I thought, and that every new day really is a blank slate."1MillionChickens


Image Source: Reddit/TheBlargshaggen


"How easily my grip on conversation slips when [I'm by] myself for an extended amount of time. Even small talk is super difficult for me now."Noctemme 


Image Source: Reddit/oper619


"Being able to travel, for me, is super important for my mental health and needing to reset. I’m MISERABLE in one place for too long."Liskarialeman


Image Source: Reddit/SoySauceMatters


"I wasn’t actually putting effort into certain aspects of my life. Ever since being stuck at home with a lot of time to myself, I’ve realized that I used to say I was working hard on finding work or controlling my emotions or studying or being a good partner when I really wasn’t. Since March, I’ve had the best academic term of my university career and landed myself a great internship that really pushes me and teaches me. I lost my relationship, but I’ve been investing more time and care into myself, and maybe that’ll change one day too."smammie22


Image Source: Reddit/dreamst2

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