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People rally around woman accused of wrecking friend's relationship over split bill on a double date

The woman's friend is of the opinion that 'it is always the gentlemen who pay' but she doesn't agree with this.

People rally around woman accused of wrecking friend's relationship over split bill on a double date
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Eliza Sazonova, Reddit | u/OkDream6816

Regardless of personal beliefs about who should pay at restaurants, clear communication beforehand can prevent misunderstandings. If ignored, the experience might turn sour towards the end of the outing. This was precisely the situation for u/OkDream6816, who shared how her choice to split the bill on a double date jeopardized her best friend's new relationship. The post has received 8.8K upvotes and 1.1K comments on the site. 

Representative Image Source: pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The woman explained that her roommate and best friend, Amiee, had been happily dating a new guy for two months. One day, Aimee asked her if she would be willing to go on a blind double date with her. The woman was not too keen on the idea at first but agreed because Aimee began to insist. She wrote: "We got to the restaurant, just a nice place in our area, and things seemed to be going fine. The friend she was 'setting me up with' was cool, but I really am not looking right now and didn't feel any kind of spark." After dinner, when the group was handed bill, Aimee said, "Don't worry, our men have got this." 

Representative Image Source: Pexels |
Representative Image Source: Pexels |

The bill was not very expensive, so the woman said she didn't mind paying her part. The group was somehow not able to arrive at a consensus. "Aimee kept insisting it is always the gentlemen who pay, so I said something like, 'You do you, I’m happy to split'." The men added that they could cover the entire bill but they seemed "uncomfortable" about it. The woman wrote, "They paid, then we all left. Aimee and her boyfriend went back to his, I said good night to his friend and went home alone. Later, Aimee texted, saying her man is now contemplating the relationship because he doesn't want someone who always insists the men pay." 

Aimee accused her roommate of jeopardizing her relationship by not supporting her stance at the restaurant. This turmoil arose after her boyfriend expressed the need to reconsider their relationship. The woman turned to people on the internet to understand if she was wrong in the whole situation and she got an overwhelming response. u/elsie78 commented, "She's the one who said the guys pay. His reaction is based on her statement alone. And 'our men?' Um, no, this was the first time you'd met your date." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Peony-Pony
Image Source: Reddit | u/Peony-Pony
Image Source: Reddit | u/Particular-Try5584
Image Source: Reddit | u/Particular-Try5584

u/a_vaughaal said, "NTA. She made it weird at dinner by continuing to insist the guys pay when they didn't actually initially offer. If something like this shakes her relationship it wasn't going to be life-long anyway." Another individual, u/Signal-Story-6337, expressed, "NTA. Splitting the bill on a first date is the right thing to do. The 'men always pay' attitude gives me gold-digger vibes."

In an update on her post, the woman revealed that Aimee stopped talking to her after the double date and told her she was "not a girl's girl because I didn’t back her." But the woman stood her ground. After realizing that the "friendship was effectively over," she decided to move out and find a new place to stay. 

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