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People rally around employee who got fired right after inventing an app for the company

Employee shares the story of how they were laid off immediately after developing a company's flagship app, highlighting workplace injustice.

People rally around employee who got fired right after inventing an app for the company
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets, Reddit | u/headcodered

Modern-world employees constantly face the problem of not getting proper credit for the work they have done. Many times the people who actually put in the work for a major endeavor get pushed to the sidelines and don't get due credit. Reddit user u/headcodered shared a post chronicling how they were laid off from a company after building a major app for them. The post has gained 4.1K upvotes and 295 comments on the site.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Morillo
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Morillo

The individual starts the post by mentioning that the company was purchased by one of the "top 200 wealthiest people on the planet." This guy comes in and assures everyone that they will be employed for a long period of time and should put in their best work. They write, "I was on a small engineering team that developed the flagship feature for our product- like, when you see commercials for the app, it is the main thing that gets promoted." Shockingly, a large part of the team was laid off after the product was finished.

The CEO, however, continued to reap the benefits of the team's hard work as he continued to get money for the product that the team spent years making. This incident caused the individual to become pissed when people blindly devoted themselves to billionaires as if they invented great things. In reality, it was the people working hard behind the scenes researching, designing, programming and manufacturing the products that deserved credit. They sarcastically remark, "I guarantee that the CEO couldn't even tell you what language we used to code the app."

They further state how billionaires never innovated. The only thing they were good at was coming in to take all the credit and money for good products, which they had no part in making. They write, "I really want to figure out how to form a tech union because we will bust our asses to make brand new technologies and it gets patented not by us, but by a Billionaire that couldn't even write a 'Hello world' program in Python." The post concludes with the individual sharing how many employees did not receive any royalties from their products, unlike the billionaires, which was highly infuriating.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Sir_HumpfreyAppleby
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sir_HumpfreyAppleby
Image Source: Reddit | u/sadsealions
Image Source: Reddit | u/sadsealions

People on the site wholeheartedly agreed with the individual's concerns and chimed in with their own experiences and thoughts in the comments section. u/Equinsu-0cha commented, "I, too, was laid off immediately after I finished a project. Just sitting in my car with a box containing every bit of evidence I existed, wondering why I worked all those late nights and canceled all those vacations. A giant part of my life I'll never get back." u/picked__beets said, "I was in a similar boat - denied a raise and shortly after laid off right after carrying an 8-month dumpster fire project to completion on my back (using skills outside my job description). It sucks."


Another user, u/CoderJoe1, shared, "I got laid off the morning I reported I completed a big app for the company. Oops, I might've left some obscure code in there, keeping it from working right. Too bad for them. They probably don't care. They scrapped the app they paid me months to build." u/pluralofoctopus highlighted, "Intellectual property needs a rethink. If the company that asked you to build something then fires you shortly after it's delivered, they need to pay you a portion of what it's worth. A pipe dream, I know."

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