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People rally around employee fired for saving someone's life during work hours: 'Put them on blast'

An employee gets the shock of her lifetime when she is let go of her job after arriving one-and-a-half hours late.

People rally around employee fired for saving someone's life during work hours: 'Put them on blast'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | ANTONI SHKRABA; Reddit | u/qirad

Workplaces function on the values that benefit the bosses. These values often have nothing to do with humanity. It is evident in u/qirad's story, who received harsh treatment from her workplace after saving someone's life. Apparently, a person's life is not valuable enough for the company and they decided to fire their employee. The employee liked working in the company and could not fathom she was being pushed out of it because of doing a good deed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |  Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets

The whole incident unfolded a few days ago. The employee was commuting to work on a train when a man on the opposite side lost consciousness and fell. As someone who made "sure to keep up to date with my First Aid + CPR certification," the worker was fully capable of stepping in and helping the person in the situation. She did not think for one second and jumped into the action. She wrote, "Even though I was in my work uniform, I didn't mind getting it dirty if it meant I could help someone." It was a hard endeavor to get the man to breathe, but she managed to do so. Soon, the police and paramedics arrived and took over the situation. They instructed the employee to wait as they needed a statement. On top of that, the train she was traveling was declared a "biohazard" because of the incident, which meant another hour of delay. 

The employee informed about the whole incident to her company and that she would be running one and a half hours late. She truly believed that due to the situation's nature, they would consider her case. However, the reality turned out to be different, as she shared, "Once I arrived at work, my boss had taken me into a meeting with himself and HR." Despite providing solid evidence, she was let go because of coming late. The reasoning given for the firing was that "being in uniform while giving CPR causes a 'negative image' for the company I work for." 

Image Source: Reddit/u/dmbfan1216
Image Source: Reddit | u/dmbfan1216
Image Source: Reddit/u/BuffalowRoams
Image Source: Reddit | u/BuffalowRoams

The story soon blew up, leading to a barrage of positive comments. u/minimax34 suggests the employee expose the company, "Go to the local Television Station or Newspaper. Great story, for you, bad for your employer." u/chronberries shared their own story and highlighted how work overtakes the value of life, "I had kind of a similar thing happen to me like 10 years ago. I was biking to work one day when a car turned and cleaned me out. Classic movie stuff, face planted on the hood, bike and myself go spiraling over it to land on the other side of the car. A nice guy who saw the whole thing offered to give me a ride to urgent care to get checked out, but I was in shock and told him I just needed to get to work. So he loaded my mangled bike into his trunk and drove me to work, telling me the whole time that I needed to get checked out because I was pretty beaten up. Got fired for being late."

Seeing the support, the fired worker provided an update. She decided to follow through with the two most popular suggestions in the comment section. "I sent an email to few of my local news stations," the ex-employee wrote in the post. Two reverted back with interest. One of them took a phone interview but called it off once she made it clear she did not want to reveal her. She wrote, "I'm quite a private person and don't like having my name/face out there publicly." The other popular suggestion was also a dead end as the country she lived in law favored owners. Therefore, suing would not make much impact.

She shared another post, which revealed that after a roller coaster, some positives did happen in her life. She shared, "One of my old co-workers who was poached by our company's main competitor a couple of months ago reached out to me. He's managed to get me an interview with the competitor early next week, so I'm hopeful I'll get that job." As far as her decision is concerned, she talked with her therapist about it. Though she was hurt because of losing her job ultimately, there was no regret. The man whose life she saved also reached out to meet her. Kindness and generosity doesn't go unrewarded and she is a proof of that.

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