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People rally around employee facing threats from current boss to revoke new job offer

The former boss threatens to meddle in the employee's new job by calling the new employer with a discouraging message, creating workplace drama.

People rally around employee facing threats from current boss to revoke new job offer
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau

For most people, shifting jobs can be a tricky affair. Everything from finding an ideal position, handing in your resignation letter and joining the new organization, the entire chain of events can be stressful. Reddit user u/JKTurtleSwag had an interesting story to share about their boss who threatened to ruin their new job opportunity by telling the other company not to hire them.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

The individual kicks off the post by saying that they had recently begun working at a medical practice, as they had an interest in the field. Reflecting on the experience, they say, "I learned a lot of new things very quickly and became very good at what I do." They became adept at the position and began to come up with efficient ways to go about their responsibilities on the job. 

All seemed good till the individual met the doctor who owned the practice a few weeks into the job. When they had initially joined, he had been away on a family vacation and only got the chance to meet them two weeks into joining. The doctor owned the establishment and was very good to his patients. He also possessed a very high standing in his field with numerous fellowships and certifications. However, he performed very poorly when it came to being a boss and managing a business. The individual states that he did not give any benefits or paid time off to his employees. The man, shockingly, did not offer sick leaves as well. They write, "Insurance benefits are not offered and even medical care for employees is nonexistent despite him being a doctor."

The individual states that the man had "narcissistic tendencies" and scrutinized everything unnecessarily. He would get worked up over problems that he could fix himself if he chose to. They provide an example where the doctor would get angry at his employees if he sent an email to a patient and it failed to deliver because of a typo within the delivery address when he could have very well fixed that himself.

In fact, he would get so upset about these minor errors that he would threaten to write up employees whenever it happened consecutively. He was also not very receptive to constructive criticism. The doctor refused to comply with efficient methods, despite it being more useful, considering the department was run by just two people. So, the team ends up with an unnecessarily extra load of work.

They decide to look for better positions, seeing the doctor's unprofessional conduct at practice. They write, "After some time, I interviewed and received an offer from a similar practice in the same field." The new position offered better pay, benefits, more staff, an easier commute and an overall healthier working environment. The individual immediately accepted and decided to give their two weeks' notice.

They describe their notice letter to be "short, sweet and to the point." Despite their cautiousness, the older establishment did not take the news very well. Their office manager inquired why they would want to leave such a "nice place," openly suggesting that they wanted the individual to stay. The doctor got to know and asked the individual into their office the next day to question them about the new position.

They write, "I obliged, but silently recorded the entire conversation as sort of my 'insurance policy.'" The doctor seemed to be very upset that they were leaving, but the individual acted very professionally. The individual informed them that they decided to leave because the new job offered better benefits and seemed to be an opportunity to grow. The individual gave the doctor details about the new place, only for him to reveal that he knew the doctor at the new job.

They ended the meeting with the individual saying that they would be professional and do all their responsibilities in the last two weeks. The two weeks go by and the individual admits to having slacked off a bit but attributes it to keeping themselves sane. The doctor notices and expresses his frustration over their waning work ethic. He then demanded that they do tasks that would take up a week in just two days, threatening to call their new place and revoke their job if they did not deliver results.

The individual expressed anger towards the doctor but was mostly focused on finishing their tasks and making it out of the job. They reveal that they want to show him how unprofessional he has been without jeopardizing their professional relationship. Moreover, they want to use the opportunity to make him rethink how he treats his employees.

Image Source: Reddit/Roflattack
Image Source: Reddit | Roflattack


Image Source: Reddit/mjh2901
Image Source: Reddit | mjh2901

Individuals on the platform gave out suggestions in the comments section. u/aspophilia commented, "Never tell your current workplace where you are going because this is exactly what will happen. They don't need to know where your new job is. That's private information." u/Jonathank92 said, "Why do y'all keep self-sabotaging? Keep your mouth closed about where you're going." 

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