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People praise police officer who spent $150 on cold weather supplies for homeless man

He introduces himself, shakes hands with the homeless man and then asks him if they can go get a blanket.

People praise police officer who spent $150 on cold weather supplies for homeless man
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Gwinnett County Police

Going out of your way to help a person inspires others also to do something good. It starts a chain of kindness that makes the world a better place to live in. So, when this police officer decided to help a homeless man facing bitter nights, people jumped in to show their appreciation for this act of kindness, per SunnySkyz. The selfless act was captured on the officer's body camera when Sgt Todd Heller went ahead and helped the person. A video was shared by the Gwinnett County Police, documenting the entire incident. The video starts with Sgt. Heller talking to a person who is holding a signboard that reads, "Waiting on a blessing," on the side of a road.

Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media
Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media

He goes up to the person and says, "You need a blanket. Let's go buy you a blanket." Then he introduced himself by saying, "I'm Seargent Heller" and shook hands with the homeless man and asked him "Let's go get a blanket?" inviting him to the patrol car. He seemed a bit hesitant so the officer told him, "It's on me. My treat" and the person immediately responded, "Okay let's go." While in the car, Heller takes the time to review the upcoming week's overnight weather and reveals that the temperature could dip up to 16 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The police officer first got him a blanket and some other supplies to deal with the cold. Moreover, he asked the homeless person if he wanted something else to which the man replied, "You did enough, man." After which, they both can be seen scanning the things and while in the parking lot, Sgt. Heller told him, "You were waiting on a blessing, right? God blessed you today. You just didn't know it was gonna be me." Heller parted his way with the person wishing him well and he thanked him for his generosity.

The Gwinnett County Police said on social media that they found the video during a recent bodycam footage edit. Sgt Heller bought the person cold weather supplies like an insulated sleeping bag, toe warmers, and socks, on January 17. He spent more than $150 all from his pocket, police said, per KJCT8. “Sgt. Heller is a great representative of a GCPD officer!” the department wrote.


People were blown away by the police officer's act of kindness. Shawne Gum commented, "Awww well done Sgt Heller! I love what you said at the end 'God blessed you today, you just didn’t know it was gonna be me'." Roger Bell wrote, "Top notch Sergeant, amazing person. He did this on his own and never told anyone. I’m lucky to know him." Dave Richard said, "Excellent! You are a good man. Sgt Heller. Glad you were there to help this gentleman."

Image Source: Facebook | Gwinnett County Police
Image Source: Facebook | Gwinnett County Police

Alejandra Hilario expressed, "Great work. And thanks for your services. We need more people like him. And we need more police presence in the streets." Corrine Marsha Michael said, "Since that man cannot pay it forward, may I suggest we do if you are able? I have and it feels awesome! It is truly better to give than to receive."

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