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People help woman move on from toxic ex-partner with words of support and encouragement

Sometimes, the strangers on the internet can provide you with some much-needed words of solace in the time you need it the most.

People help woman move on from toxic ex-partner with words of support and encouragement
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Barbara Ribeiro; Reddit | u/Vivid-Language6500

Holding onto a relationship is hard and letting go is even harder. Moving on from a break-up is never easy, especially when the reason behind the break-up is your partner cheating on you. u/Vivid-Language6500 shared one such incident from her life where she has been cheated on and has witnessed her ex move ahead in his life with no repercussions and she is still holding onto the bitter feelings about it, struggling through her healing journey.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vera Arsic
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vera Arsic

The caption of the post read: "Help! I hurt my own feelings." Then the woman started the post by calling herself "dumb" and that she was "mad at herself and the other person" as well. "After their name came up in a conversation, I decided to look at the socials of the ex who cheated on me and left for their coworker. I was surprisingly hurt to find that 3 years later, their profile picture is a very loving photo of the two of them," the woman shared.

"I know this is so dumb and teenager-ish of me, but it did sting. Not because I miss him or am upset they are still together, but it's this feeling that someone who hurt you got away with it. When we broke up, he said and did a lot of cruel things, but I distanced myself immediately, even from mutual friends. From the look of the comments, he has faced no backlash from any of those friends, which is a bummer," she expressed her frustrations.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The ex of this woman and their current partner would meet up when she was volunteering weekly and when they broke up, she would imagine her ex and his fling laughing behind her back. "The idea that he got to continue living his life with no repercussions and got to continue dating this person who had a part in hurting me just kind of sucks. Especially when my healing journey has been long. I know I'll be fine and it's just the sting of old feelings, but any thoughts on how to move on and jumpstart my day would be appreciated," she concluded her post by requesting fellow Reddit users to provide some solution to her and the communities came to her rescue with kind words.

u/erinwrestles wrote, "Unfortunately, sometimes people who hurt you do get away with it. While it hurts and stings, it is just how life goes at times. The best thing you can do is try to heal as much as you can and fill your life with positive good people. Because the coworker knows they cheated on you to start their relationship, there is a very high chance that their relationship has ongoing issues with trust and wondering about fidelity. Insecurities that the ex will cheat again with someone else."

Image Source: Reddit | u/batsinthefireplace
Image Source: Reddit |u/batsinthefireplace

u/Beneficial_Earth_20 quipped, "Don't be mad at yourself! It's natural to be curious. Yeah, things look good for him on social media, and maybe they are. But he's still the same guy who cheated and was cruel to you. You don't want him." u/DramaticProgress508 wondered, "Living his life with no repercussions? He's with someone who is okay with being the other woman, and that says enough about her character and integrity. Two narcs found each other. After a while, you will see they are just two sick people who fit each other. Be happy you're free and can build a healthy life."

Image Source: Reddit | u/significant-Trash632
Image Source: Reddit | u/significant-Trash632

u/awry_lynx commented, "It is incredibly unlikely that their life is as happy as it looks on social media. Not that nobody can ever grow and move on from cheating, but from what you say, doesn't sound like they tried. Your journey may have been long, but you have changed through it, he's probably still the bad person he was." u/butterfly_inmyeye added, "He cheated on you. If the new woman isn't paranoid that he'll cheat on her, then she'll probably be blindsided. Cheating says a lot about his values and beliefs, and you just don't get a loving, respectful relationship with someone who does not treat women with dignity."

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